Friday, August 26, 2011

Prez Adams is growing on me?

Really? I mean, maybe. Bear with me here.

As I read more about the aftershocks down in Coral Gables...
As a result, the depth chart for Week 1 is still anyone's guess.
"We'll make sure we practice enough guys because we really don't know what the future brings," Miami coach Al Golden said. "Hopefully we'll find out pretty quickly here in the near future if there are any penalties or suspensions, and we'll adjust accordingly."
Golden said the depth chart may take until Tuesday to complete. He also said that in accordance with Atlantic Coast Conference policy, the Hurricanes will divulge their plans to the Terrapins before releasing anything publicly.
"Any projections or anything like that, all it is is speculation," Golden said.
Spence and Harris are among two of the biggest names wrapped up in the scandal -- Spence is considered by many to be Miami's best defensive player and one of the top linebackers in the ACC. Harris has played 36 games at quarterback for the Hurricanes in his first three seasons, and he's far-and-away the ACC leader among active players in passing touchdowns, yards and wins.
...the more I cringe at the thought at something similar happening in Athens. It terrifies me. Shakes me to my core. 

Setting aside sympathies for Coach Golden (which admittedly run pretty deep), it's true that most coaches are still adjusting depth charts and making starting the season opener decisions. But there's a big difference between what Miami coaches are dealing with 11 days before they play Maryland and what say, Coach Richt's staff is dealing with 9 days before the opening of the season.

Back to the beginning of this post...this just wouldn't happen under Adams. I understood his decision relating to North Campus tailgating. Didn't agree with all of the rules that hurt the rest of us, but you gotta protect one of the University's greatest attributes. And now I appreciate Adams' hands on approach to adminstration.

Now I'm sure he has aspirations of his own he's protecting as well as UGA's best interests. And he's an awkward dude to be closely aligned with to say the least. But when you get right down to it, which picture would you prefer your Alma Mater's president to pose for:


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