Friday, August 5, 2011

Richt's worst game

Yesterday we jumped on Estes' post re: CMRs greatest games. Today let's do the same for the worst ones. Here's Gentry's morning coffee from yesterday where he collects the memories that always sprinkle like salt over a festering wound.

To a bunch of toothless wonders. Damn!
Again, it's hard to argue with the choices here. They're all solid stinkers and led me to unleash words that would make my momma blush before hitting me upside the head. I agree that the 2002 WLOCP was probably the worst loss of Richt's tenure and the lone blemish on a spectacular season. A win there against an average (by FU standards) Gator squad and the sky was the limit. Instead, more heartbreak.

But I have to add that the 2009 game in Knoxville was a low point for me. It's one thing to lose a game, it's quite another to get completely outclassed. We never made it off the bus and I completely lost my religion.

Also, I'm not sure it should be ranked being an OOC game and one that was out of state...but last year's debacle in Boulder was another low point. Whether it was AJs cramps, losing the line of scrimmage to some deadbeat hippies, the fumble or the homeless people taunting us as we walked downtown...that game sucked.

But I'm not sure I would take one of the others out. What say you Reader?


BulldogBry said...

Have to agree with both of those. Knoxville because even my Vol friends were asking "what the he'll just happened?" And Boulder because I was there suffering the whole thing.

AthensHomerDawg said...

2009 in Knoxville. Even the waitress at breakfast Sunday morning taunted us. Finally, said the hell with it. Didn't even finish breakfast just dropped the cash on the table and headed for Georgia. I don't think anyone spoke a word until lunch. Finally started to relax, but when we got home there was my neighbor with his "T" flag flying in the breeze. It was not a good weekend.

BuLLdawg said...

Vandie 2006 loss. You recall, Vandie won a grand total of 4 games all of 2006 and that includes their win over us.

31 to nothing down at half-time with us ranked # 1 by every single solitary poll in the country, for the 1st time ever pre-season vs Alabama at our house. That is as depressing as it gets.

2002 Loss to Florida who did not even finish in the Coaches' Poll Top 25, but they beat us when we were 0-11 on 3rd Down Conversions the whole entire game.

2005 Loss to Florida, DJ Shockley injured and the coaches determined that Joe Tereshinski III should be DJ's stand-in. Stunk to high heaven. Anyone on the roster at QB besides JT III and we win that game against that Florida team.

2001 Loss to a team who was not even ranked before the bowl game, Boston College; we were hapless.

2009 the loss with chronic shoulder Joe Cox taking separate private jet there because of his flu in the Loss to Okie State, who did not even finish in the AP Poll Top 25, even with their win over us.

2009 Loss to vols, who would have had a losing record 2009 except for their win over us, still vols finished only 7-6 for 2009.

2009 Loss to Kentucky, also 7-6 for 2009 otherwise too would have had a losing record for all of 2009 for Kentucky but they beat us.

2007 Loss to South Carolina, who did not even play in any bowl game 2007, but they beat us and ended the season without a winning record even with their win over us 2007.

2003 Loss to an 8-5 Florida team who ended up ranked # 23, so without their win over us they are 7-6 and unranked. This Loss really hurt.

2001 Loss to a 7-5 unranked in any poll for 2001 Auburn team we should have beat.

9 Losses in 12 games over the last 10 years now against teams who did finish in the AP Poll Top 10. This list is all the more excruciating with the only 3 wins coming 2001 when we beat # 4 vols but lost 4 games. 2005 when we beat # 6 LSU for SEC Championship only to have UGA ranked # 3 of The SEC Teams in the final polls as we Lost 3 games. And, lastly, 5 years ago (6 now this season) the win over Auburn who finished # 8 in the polls but again Lost 4 games 2006 too.

None since.

21 Losses over these last 5 years is now more than 4 Losses a season average over the last 5 years. This counts on this point of this blog, therefore.

If in game 2, we do not beat South Carolina, we will not have a winning record vs The DOWN SEC East over the - then, that day - last 6 years. Collectively this list is just really hard to stomach.

Anonymous said...

I think they call them deadbeat gypsies in CO.

Dawg19 said...

The 2004 loss at home to Tennessee was gut-wrenching. Andy Bailey, our scholarship FG kicker from Tennessee, missed a chip-shot field goal that would have made a huge difference in that game (we lost by 5 and were within field goal range at the end of the game). Reggie Brown's foot was barely out of bounds on a sure TD catch. We couldn't get to Eric Ainge all day. Had we won that game, we would have gotten a rematch against Auburn. Painful loss..