Thursday, August 18, 2011

Scrimmage scramble, part dos

Well, the second scrimmage is in the books. Page has the CMR's official numbers if you'd like to peruse them. Here's my thoughts on what we heard yesterday.
  • First of all, Jakar Hamilton is out for the season with a fracture in his foot. Richt said he's likely to redshirt. So this all but solidifies Commings as a full time safety. And that's exactly where he spent the entire scrimmage...with the first team...alongside Shawn Williams.
  • Rambo? Not sure what it means that he wasn't on the first team. Maybe the coaches wanted to see Commings work with Boykin's DB crew. Maybe he's already been surpassed. Maybe it's something Richt hasn't disclosed yet. I just don't know. But it's something to keep an eye on. He did have 6 tackles and an INT. So he doesn't seem to be hampered by any kind of ailment.
  • The safety depth also all but assures Corey Moore he will not be redshirting.
  • Tree leads the way again on defense evidently. I like that he led in tackles, has evidence of being a playmaker behind the line of scrimmage (with a sack and a TFL) AND made a play breaking up a pass. Speed + versatility = destruction.
  • Wooten was the receiver of note, as far as stats go. But other than him yesterday and Marlon last week...not a whole lot there. Many might point to this and say it is reason to worry. I would simply point out that we're not getting all of the stats.
  • Crowell and Samuel did not scrimmage, as expected. Malcome was vastly overshadowed by Harton. Ok.
  • Murray's not lighting up the defense. But the focus seems to be more on getting 6 points instead of 3. “We started off the day with a touchdown drive right off the bat,” Murray said. “The next series, the next eight plays, we started off well. But when the eight plays are over you just got to stop. That always stinks. But we had a great day driving the ball. I feel real good about that.” 
  • Not a lot of news from the trenches, but I did notice that both DeAngelo Tyson and Abry Jones had a sack. Jones also recorded a TFL and forced a fumble. No mention of the NTs but Tree and Jarvis also had sacks.
Take a whiff....two weeks from Saturday y'all.


    JaxDawg05 said...

    What I take from Fudge being on the second team is that Coach Lakatos won't start a player based on seniority like coaches in the past (Bryan Evans), but on production.

    Colin said...

    Something tells me Hutson Mason's 50% completion rate against the
    1st string defense is a whole lot better than Aaron Murray's 66% against the 2nd string defense.

    Ollllddude said...

    First team, second team. My take is that it's a scrimmage and with a new injury at a position, first or second doesn't make much difference. Plus: Hey, they're all on the bus.

    Truthfully, I am not sure what to make of any of it. I hate it for Jakar, but I think we'll be fine at safety. We'll miss him more on special teams.

    Anonymous said...

    RB's had another fumble, Abry Jones forced it. Samuel fumbled last scrimmage. Murray threw a pick. Tired of the turnovers. Bobo's a bit turnover challenged.


    Thanks - good stuff!

    Cojones said...

    Coser to 70% than 66%. Why is that bad? You're a troller, aren't you?

    Negative analysis of every player position during practice has grown really old and by using it to entice us to blog may send a signal also. There were positive sides to every neg analysis, yet none were mentioned. That gets old.

    We had another great practice with additional standouts from the past. Why can't you write that as it happens? Waiting for the big negative accidents ahead to boost your neg intake stats? Let's cheer for the good things while we can. There will be plenty of time to write about neg takes

    Bernie said...

    What negative analysis? I think my practice recaps are pretty honest and realistic. The stats are whatever the coaches want us to know and the fans worrying about them is ridiculous.

    The real news is in what is not being said. The last thing I want to hear from CMRs mouth right now is how awesome Crowell is or how much more spectacular Murray is compared to the Spring.