Thursday, August 11, 2011

Scrimmage scramble, part uno

First let's be honest with each other...the stats we get from these scrimmages are basically whatever the coaches want us to read. No that doesn't mean Crowell only had 12 yards on 30 carries. But it does mean that the real news out of scrimmages is in what's said afterwards.
  • injuries.
  • Blair Walsh - for the love of God! He kicked the whatchamacallit out of it!
  • John Jenkins working with the 2nd team defense legitimizes Kwame's spring. They're competing and pushing each other. That's a damn good thing.
  • Crowell's the real deal. Is there a backfield in the nation with four more diverse styles/body types/skills than in Athens?
  • The more Branden Smith impresses the more we'll see Sanders Commings at safety. That's a big deal right there as safety is the only spot on the defensive side worth a worry at this point.
  • We'll talk more about this later, but putting Tree closer to the snap of the ball is both the biggest no brainer and the greatest move since calling that end around for Smith against Carolina in '09.
  • Tree and Jarvis Jones are really getting me excited about seeing Grantham2.0. And speaking of closer to the ball...Well hello there Amarlo Herrera!
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Anonymous said...

This is Cojones. Good and overdue comments, especially your #1 comment.

It is great fan candy to see all the older players step up and to make this team all it can be. We are viewing competition that is long overdue and isn't limited to words. No one is assured a place on the field unless it is earned and Freshmen are fully eligible. It's like watching the big pack dogs eat where they previously stepped aside for the pups to have some. Not with these pups or they will eat your lunch and go to the feeder for more. Good!! Puts everyone to their highest playing level if they want to progress in this football world. And it builds respect when the older players man up and outcompete the pups. It also gives them a needed dose of humility before their steamboat egos overload their motorboat asses. It has an attitude-straightening affect.

Sic'em Dawgs.