Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Shame on me, the Kwame Geathers edition

I know I've waited too long for this post, but I'm disappointed in myself for doubting such a big apple that fell from the Geathers' family tree. I suggested to you all back in January that it was Jonathan Jenkins that was the prize recruit in the 2011 class. He would have as much impact as the stylish teenager holding up that adorable puppy.

And in many ways he has, even though Big John has spent much of camp and preparations on the side. But Kwame was transforming his body and mind well before Jenkins signed on the dotted line. He was the Spring MVP and we cheered. Once his counterpart joined him on campus we began to dream of the two behemoths side by side.

And that will likely still happen. But somewhere in the expectations and the giddiness of having two capable nose tackles I lost sight of what the truth was. And that is: Jenkins has a pretty big adjustment coming from the JC ranks to the SEC grind, Kwame was well ahead before camp started, and he's only distancing himself each day that Jenkins is sidelined. They'll both play come a week from Saturday. But it'll be Geathers leading the charge against those cute little horsey linemen of Boise.

And somehow...someway...I'd forgotten just what a great thing that can be.
Geathers comes from a family of defensive linemen who have proven to be disruptive.
His older brother Robert played end for Georgia and is now in his eighth season with the NFL’s CincinnatiBengals. Another brother, Clifton, is on the Dallas Cowboys’ roster.
His uncle Jumpy Geathers totaled 62 sacks in 14 NFL seasons.
“My uncle is tough,” Geathers said. “Every time you see him, the first thing is football. ‘Let me see your stance.’ It’s not even, ‘Hey, how you doing?’ It’s, ‘Get down in your stance, let me see it.’ ”
And now, ladies and're starting nose tackle...out of Georgetown SC...6 feet, 6 inches...three hundred and fifty pounds!!...a BIG apple straight from the family tree...

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Anonymous said...

First, +1 for your morning tweet to BluTurf. I have no interest in following his petulant baiting exchanges with Dawg fans, but that was just damn funny.

Second, I still think Jenkins will have a big year, but Kwame is my fave player on this year's squad for a reason. His last quote in that article is but another reason why. He's a team player - love that kid!