Sunday, August 14, 2011

The sounds of progress

Some great soundbytes coming out of yesterday's practice, the last of the Fall camp, courtesy of Bulldawg Illustrated. The overall impression I got was that the team has progressed enough to be ready for basic game prep.
  • First, Coach Grantham discusses personnel and development. What's more than noticeable is that the inability to get off the field after third and longs has stuck in his craw all off season long.
  • Coach Bobo raves some on Marlon Brown among other things.
  • Coach Olivadotti says Tree is ready for the NFL already. Well, kind of.
The more I think about it the more I believe the third and long woes last year under Grantham's defense was a goofy and annoying caricature of the defense's adjustment. A strong resemblance to the actual subject, but grossly exaggerated...we hope. I just keep thinking that surely...surely this season we'll be reacting quicker to the ball and spending less time waving red flags at bulls.

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Anonymous said...

Could we get away from the 3rd and long nightmare of last season? Gives me the "willys" and Deja vu. We have conveniently forgotten to discuss and embrace a logical answer for what happened. "Repeating history" always raises it's ugly head if we don't know what happened and whether it is logically corrected when we find out. Simply put, we don't want to find out if Grantham screwed up or not.