Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Thomas Davis: bonecrusher AND UGA alumnus

Saturday will be the safest day for Cam Newton to practice. Thomas Davis will be 2 hours south in Athens grabbing his diploma. I love it when the players come back to graduate. So let's celebrate a bit...just don't make him mad.

courtesy of kcmci1

That hit on Decory Birmingham was just lethal. Since Sanford222view mentioned it being his favorite it reminded me that TD had said the same thing before. I thought it was an interview, but I found it in this online chat back right before he was drafted. A good read top to bottom. Especially when the Tenn fan tries to rattle him. Click here.


j.leonardjr said...

TD's hit in the Arky game is one of my all time favorite hits. I love seeing Birmingham suddenly explode onto the sideline.

Bernie said...

True diamond in the rough. And I remember an interview or something with him where he said that hit on Birmingham was his favorite too.

So glad Van Gorder went to that basketball game.

Native Dawg said...

DGD! Have to love the way he's rep'ed UGA in the league! He's been one along with Charles G., Marcus, Richard, Will W., Champ, Hines that have really busted their humps since joining the NFL and have made a name for themselves and have staying power...DGS's...all of them!

Prowd Dawg here! Thanks for the link to the Q&A with TD before the draft! Great read and nice to take a little trip back in time!

Stoked for this year to get started! Ready for some hard hittin, de-cleatin, slobber knockin, SEC, SMASHMOUTH, UGA FOOTBALL! 32 DAYS BABY! LET'S GET IT ON!