Friday, August 26, 2011

Trivial Update - Just SMUrfy

#ThursdaysRTrivial ep 71 coming up right after this PSA: despite nat'l opinion, it has been confirmed that BSU broncos are just bucking idiots.

#ThursdaysRTrivial ep 71 "Go you Red Britches!" Welcome to the Twitter Twivia Show that is never stylish, but always trendsetting. REPLY back your answer for a chance at an "actual prize" this week. (Wahoo!) In '87 UGA and Clempson squared off in an "alternative" pants game, Dawgs in red and tigers in orange. In that game senior Mark Vincent grabbed his first INT as a Dawg. Where did Vincent play his first three years of college?

Is this week's episode more proof that history is destined to repeat itself? According to many 40+ year old men with fashion degrees and a DVR full of Project Runway, the Dawgs and horsies are in a clothing crisis. In news with more of a national flair, Miami has tiptoed the Death Penalty line. So what does a top notch blogger do? Tie the two together WITH a season from 24 years ago.

Folks, you just don't get this kind of crap out in Boise.

Nice read over at Garbin's spot about the history of red pants in Georgia football. In 1987 the fallout from the SMU death penalty was as real as a $.90 gallon of gas. Georgia reaped the rewards of getting Vincent. And nearly a quarter century later a blogger would use him in a trivia contest.

Only in America folks.

The stakes were high in this one as this is the first of three episodes that Skelly has agreed to provide the swag. Google was friendly to each contestant, but Matt was just a little faster with the fingers and takes home some tunes for his tailgate season. On the other hand Mike, Sean, Nama and Shan can't go home they get some Eric Dickerson hair gel, circa 1982. Hey! At least it's not a mirror from Craig James' bathroom.

Thanks for playing y'all. The rest of you...Follow me! And tune in next week when things get really Smurftastic!

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