Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Twitter's Greatest Gameshow: ThursdaysRTrivial Announcement

Is it back? Yes. Every week? Not likely. Is that okay? Well, we'll see.

If you follow me on Twitter you may or may not know what this is about. If you have no desire to join and/or follow me, then you can probably disregard this post...and any further posts related to Trivial Updates.

Tomorrow we will have episode 70 of #ThursdaysRTrivial. If you're a new follower, this is where I tweet out a trivia question (usually related to UGA Athletics) and the first to respond with the correct answer gets a "fabulous prize". The prize is just as fictitious as it is non-existent, but they're always spectacular.

The last #TrT was way back in March. And to be honest there have been few episodes so far this year. But it's never left the stove altogether; it's just been simmering there on the back burner. Now I'd like to try it again.

The biggest reason for it dropping off in intensity has been time, energy. Despite truly enjoying each and every episode, I just got to where I would get home from work and not have the energy to move forward with it. Plus kids tend to make things busy after 5 o'clock, what with their math homework, reading practice, Wii contests, science projects due the next day and various sports/activities.

But technology doesn't constrain me to that particular time each and every week. In fact, as you read this tomorrow's question is in the Tweetdeck queue ready to go out tomorrow at...well, you'll have to check in to find out. The question (I think) is rather easy. So maybe you'll win the prize. Maybe it's Kellen Moore's playbook. Or maybe it is Kwame Geathers' overtaxed scooter. I can tell you one thing for sure, it's not a case of mononucleosis. So stay away from public water fountains...and close to my twitter timeline.

Best of luck!

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