Friday, September 30, 2011


Boo's been frustrated. Boo's been buried. Boo decided to walk out...then had a second change of heart. Lucky for him Coach Richt felt the same way.
A day after telling coach Mark Richt he planned to transfer, Georgia redshirt freshman tailback Ken Malcome has been welcomed back to the team.

“If Ken came to me tomorrow and said `Coach, I lost my mind I’m sorry, and I’d love to come back and compete here at Georgia,’ I’d hug his neck and say come on,” Richt said Wednesday.
Malcome met with Richt prior to practice Wednesday to inform him he wanted to leave the team because he felt he had slipped too far behind in the competition at tailback.
Richt told the media Malcome said he “felt like he had gotten so far behind in the competition at his position that he felt like he needed to go to another school and get a fresh start and maybe get a better opportunity to play.”
After reports that Malcome was leaving hit the Internet Wednesday night, he had a change of heart. He phoned Richt and set up a meeting on Thursday.
After the two met, Malcome was reinstated to play for the team. Malcome is currently the No. 5 tailback on the depth chart, behind Isaiah Crowell, Richard Samuel,Carlton Thomas and Brandon Harton. His only carry of the season went for no gain. 
Something has been up between Malcome and the coaches for awhile. I hope this recent development has helped recharge Kendrun's battery. Cuz we could use his motor.

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