Saturday, September 17, 2011

Breakout season...on hold

I've been hard on Marlon Brown. Still, like many I had high hopes this season. Page gives us good reason to put those hopes on the back burner, for now.
Junior receiver Marlon Brown has yet to make the impact on offense he expected to make this season.
The lack of production – four catches and 34 yards in two games – is not due to the same things that held Brown back his first two seasons at Georgia.
His confidence is better than ever. His knowledge of the playbook is sound. It’s his ankle that’s holding him back. He sprained the ankle toward the end of fall camp, and the joint has been slow to fully recover.
“It hurts,” Brown said. “It’s very painful to run and cut. It’s painful to be a receiver pretty much. It’s just hard to be a receiver with a bad ankle.”
I don't think Brown has always had his head in the game. That was probably a little too easy to do with AJ Green on campus. But everything points to a difference in focus for him this season. Maybe the best is yet to come.

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