Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Bulldog Hotline Redux, post cupcake

Two things stuck out to me in last night's hotline. Well, two things other than the fact that Mike and Joe never seem to get put on hold too long.

First, this quote:
“You know receivers they like to run routes and catch balls. You know, just like running backs like to run. But running backs have to pass protect and wide receivers have got to block downfield. That’s just the way it is.“
That's just classic Mark Richt right there. I think that shows his offensive mentality that every play should go the distance if everyone does their job. I'd love to take this further with him in terms of how much they've "bent" this philosophy this season with the emergence of players like Crowell and Mitchell. Sometimes in order for a play to go the distance you just have to go with personnel that can get it that far.

Secondly, the answer to the Orson Charles question desperately needs to go deeper in more ways than one.
Another FB question from Brent Alexander: asks why Orson Charles was only thrown to twice Saturday. Richt – Wonders if that is right or not. He did have two catches but the ball may have been thrown to him a little more than that. Loves Orson and loves seeing him catch balls. Points out that you have few plays in football where a pass is going to a certain guy no matter what. You can’t hardly predict where the ball is going to go with a lot of these plays. Orson is definitely in the progression of reads. Sometimes it goes to the tight end sometimes it doesn’t.
Maybe he was thrown to more than twice, but most people bring this up because the tight ends are being under utilized. Between Orson and Aron the TEs have 9 catches for 165 yards. Charles spent the entire game blocking against South Carolina. He's a mismatch for every team we play. Let's get him downfield more running routes against LBs with half his speed. Or simply on the field at the same time as White, maybe flexed out where we can force the opponent to commit a safety.

To close that thought with a bow, of Charles' 8 catches on the season...2 are TDs. So why keep the silver bullet chambered?


JaxDawg05 said...

That last sentence made my mouth water. Sure the thought of a Coors Light at 8:38 in the morning may sound ridiculous to some, but I'm betting they don't have back to back noon kickoffs either. Go Dawgs!

Tony Waller said...

Why keep the silver bulle chambered?

Line of the day.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, until our o-line blocks better and takes some pressure off of Murray I don't see our tight ends being utilized as more than blockers for a while.

Bernie said...

Adopting a new commenting system. If you've already left a comment here it will "reappear" soon. Takes a little time to sync.

Bernie said...

Noon kickoffs just mean more beer for breakfast. Which could likely mean a silver bullet at or around 8:38. Way to tie everything together for me. Well done Jax!

Bernie said...

I tend to write more better when frustrated, for some reason. So I like to think Richt and Bobo are simply looking out for me.

Bernie said...

Good point, and I get that. But putting OC, White and even Lynch on the field at the same time can only create better opportunities as the defenses have trouble figuring out which is blocking and which is running a route.

Perhaps we're just keeping it simple. Just hope we can get a little more complicated soon.

ron dewart said...

"The Silver Bullet" IMO is our biggest threat at splitting seams and I am of the belief  that a huge game is coming vs. Ole Miss. Here's hoping the "Plant Connection" hooks up ala the '10 WLODCP! #Gata

Bernie said...

Yes! Early and often. There are few LBs and safeties in the SEC that can hang with OC.