Monday, September 26, 2011

Couple more thoughts from the Grove

We don't need to belabor any points, especially after an SEC road win. But here's a couple to digest before we turn our attention to the bizzarro dogs.

  • The defense had a spectacular day holding Ole Miss in check completely. But it looked to like the d-backs needed different cleats. Every curl or out route they had a hard time keeping their footing making the cut.
  • Coach Friend must not get any sleep at all. If Georgia does indeed make a run here down the stretch it'll be because Friend found the right tweak overhaul way to manage a young, thin and desperately apprehensive offensive line.
  • Grantham. I've loved the guy's soundbytes since he was hired. Now I'm starting to come around on everything else as well. I spent a lot of time watching him Saturday and it's a given that his players always know where they stand with him. Nice to see the guy elevate off the ground too in order to celebrate the INT with Rambo.
  • For what it's worth, Grantham also tried his best to encourage the offensive line late in the game when they took the field.
  • Chase Vasser is small. Not Carlton Thomas small, but looks like a LB in the body of a nickel back.
  • The one sentence summary of the Georgia Bulldogs so far is - A team that gets better every week. The one question that easily sums up the season - Can the Georgia Bulldogs get good enough fast enough to avoid falling out of the SEC East race completely in October?
  • Lastly, an update on the Ole Miss mascot. A Rebel fan I spoke to believes the Bear's days are numbered. Of course we were in the shadow of a 7 foot inflatable Gen. Beauregard as we spoke. But he doesn't count himself as a fan of cuddly cub all stuffed with fluff.
Sorry there's no meatloaf again. Last few days took a lot out of me and I just haven't read enough of the blogs and online stories to make it worth it, for you or for me. Check the Dawg Clicks to the right here for some updated postings in the Dawgosphere. 


Cheri Leavy said...

Bulldawg Illustrated was not shy about ignoring Ole Miss' new mascot, we used an old Jack Davis cartoon of Col. Reb on the Ole Miss cover.  Here is a banner I saw a lot in the Grove about the two...

Bernie said...

I saw one or two of those as well. The whole voting process was a farce to begin with. One of the options was a land shark I think. This booster I spoke to gave the impression that they're just letting their money sit a spell where their mouth is until everyone comes around. Then black bears will once again be extinct from the state of Mississippi.