Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Executing a gameplan

Had the pleasure of attempting to fill some very big shoes last night. I've always appreciated the work Jim from Duluth did for the rest of us on the Hotline transcripts. Now I truly do.

The process of it allowed me a chance to really look at something from a fresh angle. @waterbulldawg asked a good question about rolling Murray out, abandoning the use of the I-formation and the overuse of the draw. Only the first part made the air unfortunately. I would have loved to hear why we went away from something that was working in the second half and why the draw play continued to be called.

But in the opening of the show Richt said that he didn't see a problem with "effort or game plan". The problem he said was in execution.

Before I go any further, here's a little warning Reader: I'm not in a good place right now, but I'm determined to not let that turn this blog into a cess pool of discontent. That being said it is clear to me that our talent was not out matched Saturday, it was our coaches. A gameplan can be many things. Included in that is the fact that it can be something that is not working. At which point in time good coaches scrap it and go with something fresh.

And you know when that hits a premium? When you're playing a top ten team. You know when else? When you're playing the Evil Genius.

Coach Bobo, take a well thought out plan into the booth late Saturday afternoon. But also take a loaded handgun. Cuz you might just need to shoot that sumbitch and put it out of our misery.


HarleyTime said...

Bernie, I agree, backup plans should be there to anticipate anything, seems very little scenario planning goes on with this offensive staff. They usually stick to the game plan, and don't adjust to how they are being defended.

what if they are sacking Murray right and lft, how do we slow them down?
what if Murray is overthrowing or underthrowing on his passes?
what if the offen line can't passblock?
what if the inside rushing game stalls?
what if they stack 7 or 8 in the box?
what if they play zone, press, jam, man?
what if one DE is better than the other?
What if their db'S cover but can't tackle or are much smaller than Figgins?
When should Murray run?
How can we complete passes in 3 seconds or less in case blocking breaks down?

Dawgmjs said...

well dang...I typed a big response, and somehow lost it. Oh well. Yes, we were outcoached. Noticably. We were also out efforted, mostly on O-line. Yes we looked better in I formation, but not really due to O-line. Isiah simply avoided some tackes in the backfield when we were in I-formation better than on *&^!% draws. I, like you seem to be am very frustrated.

Dawgmjs said...

And, our game plan on O was crap. we adjusted from crap to ...oh, that's right, we didn't adjust.

Ben Dukes said...

We actually didn't run the draw very often against Boise State. People are continually mis-identifying a zone-read or a shotgun dive for a draw.

A draw is set up with pass-blocking. The receivers run routes, or simply run their defenders off the ball. The linemen show pass-block. The quarterback fakes a read of the defense, then hands the ball off. All of this takes time. The plays most people are pissed about didn't take that long to develop. They were simple shotgun hand-offs which were poorly blocked.

Bernie said...

Thanks for the clarification Ben. Clearly I not only didn't have the energy to re-watch the game, but also didn't read your quarter by quarter analysis very well.

Still wish they had aired the whole question though.

AthensHomerDawg said...

h/t to Ben Dukes for his insight and to Bernie as well for his "efforts"! I'm still numb... and not comfortably numb at all.

Hal Welch said...

Here's the deal boys.

All summer we heard about the new line coach's philosophy, he likes 'em big and strong. Then he wants to run em in a straight line and bust your a$$ off the ball... physical

Grantham likes a big fast physical defensive attack. Aggressive and physical.

Bobo's gameplan complimented neither.

We entered that stadium with a decided advantage in one area. Which with an advantage like the one we have... SIZE, comes a disadvantage as well.

Instead of using that size to our advantage, our idiot OC decided to run no huddle in the shotgun and speed up... what? Yea I said speed up the damn game? Are you kidding me?

He had the blue print right in front of his stupid face. What he did 2 years ago against Tech, line up in the I and drill em, pound them and pound them and pound them. Ball control and physical football would have won that ball game.

I wouldn't be surprised if Grantham wasn't ready to whip Bozo's arse after being hung out to dry like that all night by such inexcusable offensive drubery.

It was pathetic, and any fool who is tweeting bs to the players is no UGA fan at all. Those players deserved to win that ballgame. Bobo needs to be coaching quarterbacks or waiting tables, either way I'm happy. But he don't need to call another game from the booth... of that I am certain.

Anonymous said...

"Richt said that he didn't see a problem with "effort or game plan". The problem he said was in execution."

This is the point at which I stopped reading. Not because I'm uninterested in what you have to say Chris, but because I just want to strangle Mark Richt. I mean, just damn. There aren't words left in the English language to adequately express how tired I am of these crappy excuses from him. No doubt players aren't executing at times, but has he forgotten that it's his job to Coach them??


Anonymous said...

Forgive me, I neglected to say this earlier: thank you Chris for stepping in for Jim from Duluth! Even though I haven't the desire to read the transcript at the moment, I really appreciate you doing that for Dawg fans. Kudos!