Wednesday, September 21, 2011

In the case of Murray v Mason

I was hardly willing to give the idea of Hutson Mason getting much playing time this year even a casual glance. That is, until this:
On whether Hutson Mason will see more playing time…
“Right this second I wouldn’t want to make a comment on that. We haven’t really gone any further with that discussion, not to say we won’t before the week is over. I’m talking about Mike Bobo and myself. But Hutson is practicing well, he’s playing well. He really runs our system well, and he’s earned playing time in my mind. How we’ll manage that, I’m not ready to make any promises I can’t keep.”
Now we all know Mason can play. He's looked good making reads as well as making throws. But even the most ardent of Murray bashers have to admit it's been against ho-hum competition.

Nevertheless, I'm sure that quote will only fan the flames today. However the reality is that Murray's the starting quarterback. That's not changing barring some catastrophic event (ie. a Zack Stoudt-like performance Saturday, an injury, or AC Police finding Murray emerging from an alley on a scooter with a cardboard case of Milwaukee's Best in one hand and Isaiah Crowell in the other).

So the real question is, how would you like to see a David Greene/DJ Shockley type 9:1 split between our 1st and 2nd string QBs?


ANON said...

Hudson has a very quick release which would probably come in handy with our OL.

Timothy Rumely said...

No.  Aaron's our guy until he proves totally inept or gets injured.  Good to hear the positive comments about Hutson, but, it's not a question.