Monday, September 12, 2011

Letting go of the chicken bone

I can feel my angst rising again, so let me get a few more things off my chest before I put this loss completely in the rear view mirror.
  1. It appears to me that Bobo/Richt's solution for Crowell and Smith having the same number on their jersey is to use Boykin whenever we would've had Smith in on offense. Expect this trend to continue now that it's clear that Crowell should be getting more and more touches. After all, that's much easier than telling an 18 year old you don't give a damn what number he wants. It's better for the team if he's not #1.
  2. I mean, if Crowell would switch to say...#3, we could put #1 #2 and #3 on the field at the same time!
  3. All of those single back sets and not once did we see Orson in the flex position? Bobo, put Charles, White and Lynch on the field at the same time as Figgins. The defense won't know who's blocking and who's running routes until it's too late. Wanna see Dan Mullen's head spin? Put that set in there with Crowell taking the snap.
  4. If I were Richt I would run that onside kick EVERY SINGLE KICKOFF on Saturday. For one, that should give us plenty of practice as we should score plenty of points. And two, Walsh has proven he can get us a touchback just about any time his right foot deems it so. Give Houston Nutt and the rest of the SEC something to think about. Penn Wagers crew can't call every game.
  5. Lastly, if you left the game early, shut your trap. You have no business spouting off your righteousness for believing in the team no more than you have business calling coaches or players out for losing. In the end, you were the loser Saturday night.

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Stephen said...

My Man Bernie!! I was gonna post a lot of what you said, but instead I will say WELL DONE!!

The crowell experiment is going to go well. Wouldnt hurt to get some Carlton Thomas and Ken Malcome work in the 2nd half this week for gametime...Aaron shouldnt play after halftime.. Hutson Hutson Hutson

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