Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Locker Notes - Rebel Nutty Bears

In one corner you have Mark Richt, once successful coach that now can't seem to adjust his Ford F-150's seat without burning a finger. And in the other you have Houston Nutt, coach whore to Adm. Ackbar, Nevin Shapiro and the occasional news achorwoman.

Only one can survive the tilt. Let's hand out some locker notes for the good guys.

Isaiah Crowell - Show em some things Deuce never could.
Aaron Murray - Grab that no huddle by the scruff of its neck and let's see those boys get after it!
Jarvis Jones - Don't even bother asking if Stoudt prefers paper of plastic.
Michael Bennett - Love the way you play! Hope to see more gutsy catches and clutch plays from OchoDos.
Brandon Boykin - This kid likes to sling some picks. Heads up!

Big implications in this SEC contest. So an all call for some road quality locker notes. Please bear down hard with that Sharpie.

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Bulldog Bry said...

Shawn Williams - give CRob and Tree something to think about. Don't just fill in . DOMINATE!