Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Locker Notes - Sakerlina

SEC opener. The conference's red-headed step child is finally more than just spittle from Lou Holtssshpsh's mouth. Lattimore - 37 carries for 182 yards and 2 TDs. Garcia - two and a half six packs before breakfast.

Spurrier...evil. Once hung half an hunnerd on the Dawgs 'tween the hedges. Never opposed to kicking a team when they're down. 

Before they tee it up, let's give em some notes.

Le Sack le walked on too.
Tree - Feel better. You're missed.

Dallas Lee - You've heard of chicken n' waffles. Pancakes go with them just as well.

Malcolm Mitchell - This secondary from Chickumbia ain't seen your speed. Go get em.

Jeremy Sulek - Believe like Rudy, but play like Tardits.

John Jenkins - Games like this are why you came to Georgia.

Bruce Figgins - You used to open up the pool for him. Now we just need you to open up the holes.

You know the drill. Here's your sharpie.

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