Monday, September 5, 2011

Monday's Meatloaf - as laborious as it is nightmarish

I had a nightmare the college football season started and all I got was more heartbreak, turmoil and angst.

Woah there Rachel Richt!
I endured 9 months of pure hell with nothing to comfort me but the painfully embarrassing Liberty Bowl memories. I survived a train ride among comic characters and modern day hobos on MARTA. After a hot summer where a glass of kool-aid woulda been especially refreshing I resisted the temptation, even as I tailgated under the hot Atlanta sun.

After turning over a new leaf back in January, I think I did just about everything I could to make the relationship between Coach Richt and myself a healthy one. Leading up to Saturday I thought the Boise game would be a first step towards an eventual reunion. I was cautiously optimistic I guess. Which is to say I hoped he would pick up the check after our casual coffee. Maybe we'd set a date for a milkshake next week.

I mean, we wouldn't hold hands or anything. I'm still focused on 50 days in. But it'd be nice to get together and see how things were, talk some...see if our goals were once again common. Instead it turned out the nightmare was real.

So to be perfectly clear Rachel Richt...we're still on a break.

Today's Ingredients
Still looks better on ecdawg.
  • Weiszer has a quick preview of the pivotal SC game.
  • The sounds from the locker room after the loss Saturday night...some ugh!...some hope, and a little self reflection.
  • Question of the day: Coach Bobo, do you actually watch the plays that you call?
  • Question for the week: Coach Richt, do you watch the plays that your offensive coordinator calls?
  • Meanwhile, Socrates is ready for Grantham to deliver the goods that were promised.
  • While I hoped to gain some knowledge about our tackle football team Saturday, here's what I actually learned: nine months is sometimes easier to endure than a four hour game, and drunk coeds have a hard time keeping their balance on MARTA trains.
  • Groo has some excellent commentary and analysis on the idea of finishing what you start.
  • Want a thorough break down of the game? Ben Dukes does it quarter by quarter by quarter.
  • Kit admits it's bad, but implores us to not make it worse.
  • PWD offers his thoughts on Boise State. I must say I'm eager to see as the season progresses just how good Boise State actually is. Unfortunately, I don't think we brought the best out of them Saturday night.
  • the Senator sees some positives from opening with an actual opponent as opposed to a cupcake.
  • Mike would like Grantham and Bobo to get on the same page.
  • Shout-out to Tanner who has BDB as his lone bookmark on his phone. That's either dedication or very poor judgment. Actually it's probably both.
  • And a shout-out to Krisi for organizing the Tweetgate. It's always a good idea to get Dawg fans together. Saturday was no exception.
I tortured the heck out of a poor chicken yesterday. I called it game day prep for Saturday. Soaked that thing in beer and seasonings then gouged it with the rotisserie before roasting it real slow for about three hours. To really finish it off I took a knife to it and then fed the family.

There was much rejoicing. We even recreated the State Trooper Fist Bump.

Come to think of it, a nice chicken dinner Saturday night would go a long ways towards smoothing some bumps in the roads that connect the Dawg Nation. Wouldn't repair every pothole, but would make the trip home a little easier to bear.

Hang in there Reader. If nothing else, we get to see those silver britches again 'tween the hedges. Until then, here's an extra napkin. There's quite a mess to clean up.



Ollllddude said...

Since Coach Richt reads this blog and particularly the comments section, I have a suggestion for his next game plan with Coach Bobo: don't look at the Boise State game film and say, "that was a good play, we just didn't execute", or "that was a good play, but the motion penalty killed us", or even "that was a good play, but the back slipped". No, none of that. Don't even review film with him. Just tell him he needs to outscore Carolina to keep his job, and then get out of his way and let him get to work.

ecdawg said...

It really, really looks like crap on him.

J.Y. Stay Flyy said...


Bernie said...

@Ollllddude According to CMR on the call in show (during which he failed to mention my little blog here or my commenters...) it was all about execution. There wasn't a problem with effort or game planning.

@ecdawg Probably unfair to compare the two of you. Kid just wouldn't have a shot.

@JY Sic 'em!