Thursday, September 15, 2011

More Coastal observation points

I'll have more tomorrow in my misery post about why this cupcake is so critical, every bite. But here's a couple more things (in addition to OL rotation, performance) I'll be looking for.
  • Reads to me like Williams will not only move from S to the "Mo" spot at ILB, but he'll also start alongside Gilliard. However, I'll be paying close attention to what happens in subsequent downs, especially third downs. Last week Sulek was the steady call on 3rd down plays. If Gilliard and Herrera have progressed this week it'll be good to see them factor in on 3rd and longs as well.
  • Richt is hinting that not only will Boykin get more offensive looks, but he'll get some different type looks. Pass routes, inside runs. Does Bobo call his number against Coastal Carolina? Additionally, does he use this game to test Branden Smith's foot...or save that for Oxford?
  • Many fans have been anxious to see TJ Stripling again. Stripling was injured in Boulder, a devastating knee injury that normally takes a good year to recover from and rehabilitate back to normal. Most of what I've seen has pointed to him being about 80-90% in August. If we see him Saturday it will be a good indication of how far his progress has actually come.
  • Does Boo see the field? You're probably thinking he should. But...I think we'll see a lot of Crowell. I think the coaches want to see how frequently he can tote it. Samuel has been hobbled a bit this week, but should practice today I think. Then we'll see Thomas who had a great camp according to Richt. Malcome can be a punishing change of pace back, but he consistently finds the bottom of the depth chart due to injuries and maybe other reasons.
  • Receiving drops. King had some against BSU. Shortly after his TD against SC, Wooten had a bad one as well. There shouldn't be any pressure Saturday. A good time for Murray to develop some trust with a lot of his wideouts.
  • Ray Drew...ministering to the weak.
  • Lastly, lots of TE work. If we can lose White to a knee sprain this week and hardly bat an eyelash due to the position's depth...well, we should be using them a LOT more in the offense.
The opponent should end up being just a lot of kittens this week. But a steady road test awaits before a difficult opponent when we return to Athens. Preparation is key to getting things back on track.

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