Monday, September 5, 2011

The more things change...

...the more they stay the same.
There is no change in the pecking order at tailback. Junior Richard Samuel got the start, but freshman Isaiah Crowell was more effective and ended up with more carries. Richt indicated that pass protection is still an issue for Crowell.
Ok. Whatevs. 

H/T Jen, same as it ever was


Anonymous said...

Richt needs to understand its his offensive line that has pass protection well as run block issues.

ER said...

Somewhere guys who outperformed their competition, and still wern't rewarded, and then transferred, are all laughing right now, Ealey, Mettenberger, Gray, Dowtin, etc.

PW said...


It's pretty interesting but in the new AP Poll, out today, we're still a top 20 ranked team, of the 11 teams left to play, only South Carolina is ahead of us. To fans, we looked bad, to voters, we looked like a top 20 team.

Bernie said...

@PW I agree I guess. I mean you shouldn't fall far if you lose to a top ranked team. But I also realize these voters have no clue at this point. Polls only mean something to me in October.

From what I saw Saturday, I'd be thrilled to death if we're still ranked come October.