Monday, September 26, 2011

Oh, and about Blair Walsh

Last week I admitted I'm in no real place to analyze Aaron Murray's mechanics. This week the same goes for me and Walsh.

But...Cord and I did notice him having a lot of trouble from the right hash during halftime warmups. He must've missed 4 kicks from that spot just inside the right hash while we waited for the teams to come out of the locker rooms. And not all in the same way either. At least one miss was a straight pull and at least a couple others pushed right. When he moved over to the left hash, things seemed to fall right back into place.

Now that's just a < 10 minute snapshot of what he did at halftime. But of the three misses during the game, two were from the right hash and one from straight away. I don't know how much better it makes me feel thinking that there may be some consistent reason for the sudden inconsistency, but my untrained eye leads me to believe that it's just a case confidence. So I was definitely glad to see Richt give him that fourth try late.

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