Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pass the broom

Pardon this bit of house keeping. And if you can spare some time, hand me that dust pan.

So on Sunday we hosted a baby shower for my sister and brother in law. Once the guests had trickled out I looked at my phone and I had 707 new emails! Seven hundred and seven!! All but one was courtesy of a  s p a m b o t  that had attacked my blog offering  L e v i t r a  for one simple click.

Luckily few if any of the rogue comments sifted past blogger's filter, but it was a pain to go through all those emails and delete them. I didn't want to accidentally delete something important. Not to mention some of you readers probably got an email from blogger if you had previously commented on one of the many posts that were harassed.

So I set out to join the 21st century. Discus offers a better              s p a m  guard and incorporates most everything I want in a commenting system; things I've been begging Blogger to implement for some time.

So all that to say there's yet another change here at BDB. I apologize if you received any suspicious emails regarding comments here. And I appreciate those of you who helped bring it to my attention.

Going forward it should be easier to interact with each post; easier to sign in and share your thoughts. If a previous comment you made isn't there that's likely because Discus is still importing the old comments. Unfortunately I didn't choose the best time of day to import.

Oh well. Remember to take your Levitra. And now back to your regularly scheduled impotence.

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AthensHomerDawg said...

If I forget I'm sure my bride will remind me. ;-)

Alan Ashley said...

The one thing with DISCUS that I didn't like when I tried it last year was there wasn't an easy way to get the posts back into your blog if you give up on DISCUS. So that's one thing to think about and check into, if you haven't yet.

Bernie said...

I saw that as a complaint on a message board about them. Hoping that doesn't become an issue.