Saturday, September 10, 2011

Saturday morning thoughts - Carolina

There's no secret the key to stopping the South Carolina offense is preventing Lattimore from doing what he did to the Dawgs in Columbia last year. And despite my misery (and because I have a faction of family that are Pirate fans) I keep getting reminded that ECU stood toe to toe with Spurrier's boys. For most of the game last weekend.

This game is typically close and low scoring. But with all the offensive talent on the field tonight, if the game is low scoring it probably means that the defenses rose up and the offenses tightened down. 

On Georgia's side it likely comes down the whether our players play inspired ball or they tense up while suspecting the worse case scenario in the stands. On the Carolina side, if they grab a couple big plays early this one could get ugly. So I expect OBC to come out with a shot in the barrel. Survive those as misfires or just glancing blows and Georgia could stay in this at least as long as last year.

Still, the most intriguing thing about this game is that both teams have much to prove. Richt's squad for all the obvious reasons and Spurrier's because...well, he coaches the Gamecocks and they always have something to prove. Especially when it comes to their overall record against the Dawgs. And yet both were largely the picks to be the main contenders for the SEC East.

So simply:
  • For Georgia, did we bury past demons this week along with the Nike Pro Combats?
  • And for South Crackalacky, just how small are you still?
My cock is small.
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Wagging the Dog said...

Bernie, there's hope. Phil Steele, who was 85% right last last on his picks (67-11), says UGA will beat SC.

AthensHomerDawg said...

Bean needs to man up.... gosh.

AthensHomerDawg said...

2nd qt: Im hm screaming ,, no, no, dont pass it ... please dont pass it.....We are coming away with nothing here...... Wife: Sit down!
we got nothing.... Kicker is wide to the left with a goofy looking kick.

Anonymous said...