Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunday's Rebellious Thoughts

Real life slapped me pretty hard in the face on Thursday. By the time my family was able to punch back I just didn't have time to set up The Grove Liveblog. But as it turns out, 3G is about as rare in the Grove as it is in Stillwater or Starkville. So it probably would've been anti-climatic anyway.

Regardless, here's a few thoughts on the game coupled with a few pics.

- Amazing what can happen when you let your most dynamic receiving threat run pass routes.
- Our seat were in the endzone so it wasn't always easy to see, but seemed like the offensive line settled down some.
- Malcolm Mitchell, deep threat!
- For all the craziness that surrounds Nutt, gotta give him credit for doing exactly what he needed to keep the Rebels in the game late. The trick plays were as well times as they were executed.
- That being said, we should've had them by the throats a lot earlier.
- As annoyed as I am by the offense looking at the sideline for adjustments, I'm even more bothered by the defense struggling to get enough and the right personnel in the field before the snap.
- Overall though, hard to complain when your offense gains nearly 500 yards and the defense did it's job.

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sgrantham37 said...

Hard to complain? Oh, the DawgVent begs to differ, sir...

I hate certain portions of our fan base with the heat of a thousand suns.

Emory King said...

Completely agree.  You hold an SEC club under 200 yds. total offense and people complain?  Really.  Sorry we didn't score 200 and get 10 safeties.  If we hit the three field goals this is a blow out.   

Bernie said...

My guess is the frustration stems from two possible things: 1) giving up big special teams plays 2) still upset about starting 0-2.

Or maybe both. But this team is playing better each week. And the coaches are coaching them better each week too.