Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunday Thoughts on the Chants

Hey, it's been awhile since we've won. Let's rejoice and be glad in it.

- Kudos to a good crowd that showed up despite the record of the team and the stature of the opponent. The seats were never completely full, but it was much better than I anticipated.
- Shawn Williams ladies and gents! Wow! Playing with maturity and a hard nose. Sure will love go have Crob and Tree back. But that kind of performance in relief is really nice to see.
- The defense. They did exactly what they were supposed to do against a weak opponent. CCU only crossed midfield once I think. Lots of pressure. Plenty of balls thrown to the sideline. Most of all, good tackling.
- Crowell got a little taste of what it's like to be the work horse. Thomas stood tall on the TD. Malcome even got a carry.
- I heard Richt say post game that he liked seeing the maturity of the team, playing hard against a lesser opponent. I would add that it was nice to see the coaches approach this game with a business like attitude as well.
- Offensive line may be the only true positional concern I have about this team.
- Nice to see Ray Drew getting that hand in the dirt.

Picking nits:
- First non-sellout in 11 years I believe.
- Three games into the season and we've had some costly penalties. TD erasers. 6 point wipeouts.
- Orson Charles...can run routes? Since when is that legal?
- My 9yo was super impressed by Ben Jones' size at the Dawg Walk. Oppositely, I practically had to peer over the railing to even catch a glimpse of Carlton Thomas.
- Aaron Murray had a great day statistically. But he's still locking onto receivers and struggling with consistency."
- They played the frickin nerd song AGAIN despite my letter last week. That means everyone breathes deeply, then emails McGarity Monday. THERE'S NO PLACE FOR THE KERKRAFT ENGINERD SONG IN SANFORD.

Sorry that was a little more than a nit I picked, but some things need to be said. Tune in later this week when I prepare for my return trip to the Grove.

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AthensHomerDawg said...

All is all a fine fall day. Good to get a W. Hillbillies in disarray- challenging each other to fist fights over the internet. Dooley Jr in orange pants. Duh 'Rick dropping passes all day. My neighbor's T flag down now and put away. Our proud bulldog sitting in his spot in front next to the sidewalk. Our score posted next to the statue. I'm sure the Neighborhood Association will get a complaint and email me Monday. I will take it down. But it's up all day today. ;-)

Buster said...

Agree about QB, thought Murray looked kind of off, again, 4th straight game, but, Hutson Mason looked like a leader out there, Mason makes decisions so quickly, it's like light & day compared to Murray. Mason went 3 for 3 on drives for td's with the first string offense.

Russell said...

"That means everyone breathes deeply, then emails McGarity Monday. THERE'S NO PLACE FOR THE KERKRAFT ENGINERD SONG IN SANFORD."

I couldn't agree more. That song has no place at Georgia.

I emailed Mr. McGarity last week about tis issue but we need more pressure. I suggest emails to McGarity, the promotions department, and Academy.