Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sunday's Non-miserable Thoughts

I'm not so miserable today. This loss is best divided into good and bad.

The good.
  • I was tempted to punch a Tanneyhill wannabe d-bag post game. But I chose the path with fewer handcuffs.
  • We looked demonstrably better than we did in the Dome. I'd tend to think that's because of the uniforms. I hope it's because of the fire in the belly.
  • Offense was very effective in the shotgun. Although I'd still rather see us line up in the I-formation (especially with Figgins at FB), we ran the ball and passed the ball well. Not exceptionally well, but effectively well. That is to say it was good but there's room for improvement.
  • Crowell. Nice to see the coaches stick with him after that awful fumble. I thought he was heads and shoulders above Samuel. I got a little frustrated with the substituting, but eventually they went with the hot hand.
  • Coaching adjustments seemed better. Bobo responded in the second half to help match the miscues. Grantham refused to let Lattimore be a deciding factor. #21 got his yards, but it wasn't because of scheme, gameplan.
  • Rambo looks like his old self. And Williams looks like the real deal. If safety was our weakest defensive position I think we'll be ok for the rest of the schedule.
  • Perhaps Nama put it best after Bennett's TD when he wondered how Kris Durham regained some eligibility. Bennett had some clutch catches. Very reminiscent of #16.
  • Blocking was better...
The bad.
  • I know we haven't won a game since late Novemeber. But does that mean we have to play that stupid nerd jumping up and down song? Dananana...danananananahhhh. Ugh.
  • As long as we're gonna play Samuel "ahead" of Crowell, why can't we call ONE toss sweep with Figgins leading Samuel the IVth? 
  • Turnovers. Absolutely killed us. As much as the blocking was better, that "olay" BS on the last SC touchdown fumble return was absolutely a pile of crap. Cmon!
  • Special teams. We shouldn't get out played in this area. All. Frickin. Season. Outside of Drew Butler, we were. Walsh missed another makeable FG, and the Gamecocks managed to neutralize our advantage on kickoffs.
  • Plus, the fake punt was a killer. Damn.
  • I'll look at the replay later, but it seemed like we committed the TEs to protection. Good call, but as a result Charles was a non-factor. Would've liked to see him factor in late in the game.
  • Fans. Leaving all have no right to complain. Tavarres King made y'all look like d-bags.
That's what I got. What'd I miss?


Dawgfan17 said...

I read somewhere that part of the reason that Crowell was coming out at times was because he got hit in the ribs and was having trouble breathing. If that is the case it really sucks because I think if he stays in there on a couple of those early drives we go up big.
I know the saying goes that good teams make their own luck but damn can't we catch a break or two to get us out of the funk. I really think that if the team can find a way to win a close game late that we could get on a roll, I just don't know if that will be soon enough to salvage the season.

AthensHomerDawg said...

Snake bit..... that's all I got.

Stephen said...

Bernie, well put. After seeing T-King and Murray hook up (we scored in LESS than a minute).. it was obvious that giving up on these guys isnt going to be something we should do...and I did too.

I HATE being 0-2, but looking at how we played, i will take that team to battle and attend every game with pride over ANYTHING that happened in the dome.

Yes it ulitmately comes back to the top, and the head coach, but I did not walk out of that game thinking anything bad about Richt, nor Bobo for that matter.. and the defensive gameplan was SPOT ON.. Out defense gave up 17 true points.. I would have taken that and eaten it up all day long.

I HATE being 0-2, but this team showed me something tonight.. and if Isaiah had bruised ribs, and couldnt breathe at times.. KUDOS to the true freshman for making his first game in sanford something to smile about.

CtownChris said...

I am hoping Mason or Lemay gets a start soon. Murray couldn't hit the side of a barn in the 1st quarter, and had a big part in the 3 turnovers and giving away 21 points. The team needs a leader, who knows how to win against top teams. Murray is 0-8 now. I don't know how many losses Richt will pile up until he gets what's going on there.

CTownChris said...

Crowell played great. Bennett caught everything thrown his way. Boykin played his heart out. Defensively held Latt/Garcia/Jeffery to 1 td each and gave up no other offensive scores. DB's made 1 mistake on Jeffery td in 2 games, they are terrific. Walsh missed on a field goal, and those 2 red zone field goals should have been td's, missed out on 11 points right there.

Dawgmjs said...

Effort was better. Want to was better. Sick that we lost, but I am not ashamed of the effort like I was last week. Damn we need wins!

Dr. Merkwurdigliebe said...

We played better, but in the final analysis could not finish the drill. Mental mistakes are not uncommon when you're recruiting players who can barely spell their first name.

Georgia needs a few more players that look like they came from Idaho, rather than these unmotivated 4 star prima-donnas. Can someone with intelligence please tell me why Chase Vasser isn't starting?

Dawgmjs said...

Wow. I do not think player "looks" have anything whatsoever to do with talent, intelligence or effort. Ridiculous comment.

Rob said...

I love how all these "fans" are now saying things about how lemay and mason should be playing when just two weeks ago the same people were talking about how good Murray was and how he was the bright spot coming into the season. Do y'all forget he is a sophomore? Do you forget that he set freshman SEC throw records last year? And when it comes to blaming the coaches for this loss it's absolutely ludcris! The coaches job is to help the players improve and put THE PLAYERS in a position to win the game!!! We drastically improved in every aspect of the game and despite the crazy fluke plays by USC richt and crew still put the team in position to win late in the forth quarter. Think of it this way if Tom Brady would have done the same thing sportscenter would have been all over them not belicheck.
The time has come for uga fans to either quit following them and sell ur tickets or support your team!!! I could only imagine what may have happened yesterday if a 4th of the crowd wouldn't have left for that last defensive stand...has anyone ever heard of the 12th man? Because uga sure doesn't have one anymore

BulldogBry said...

Bernie, wanna hear something funny?
On ESPN, Matt Millen was discussing the momentum swing after the failed onside kick and the chicken's fake punt and said that we haven't been the same on special teams since Job Fabris left.

Vulcan said...

We are not improving at QB inconsistency. More than coaching, it's what's been causing the slide. Murray has to hit the bench. Has to.

Jeff said...

good assesment. If we stay patient dawg fans, I truy believe we are going to be rewarded, this year.

Chase said...

YES! i am sick and tired of the non true UGA fans that leave early in the game, all they are there for is a show and something to entertain themselves instead of supporting our players we should all be there till after the clock turns 0:00 period!

Dawgy45 said...

AMEN BROTHER!!! I could not agree with you more about that craptastic jumping nerd dance song. If Academy Sports insists on playing that in Sanford Stadium then I will respond with a single word: Dick's. It should be pointed out to them that the reaction for the vast majority of fans was to sit on their butts and ignore it (thank goodness). I hope to never have to endure that crap again.

JaxDawg05 said...

I'm a little disappointed that a 3rd year QB doesn't have a true regard for the football. The pick 6 and the fumble trying to set up the screen play killed the effort put forth by the team and with the missed FG, the 17 points were too much to overcome.