Thursday, September 1, 2011

This and that

 Some items of no particular interest, some of which are gameday related. You realize, it's only two days away now.
  • Toying with the idea of doing a live blog on Saturday. I figured there's going to be a lot of great Dawg fans sitting around on their butts just waiting on this thing to start. I'd love to post some pics and maybe videos of the action outside the stadium pre-game. The downside is that this requires lots of battery power for the handheld device, but I've purchased an extra battery pack for just such a problem. The other hurdle is that when I use Cover it Live as I did for Nat'l Signing Day 2011, it worked really well but required a lot of time (and battery power) to approve comments...which is really the purpose of a live blog. So I may just do a blog similar to what I did for last year's GA/fla game. But with hopefully more comments.
  • Of 3pm the live blog may just become an after thought at the bottom of my pocket. We'll see. Let me know if you have any preferences in the comments.
  • And regardless of what is going on here, I know ecdawg is having a live blog Saturday. So be sure and check that one out.
  • I've been fiddling around with the advertising on the site. Apologize if this has been at all distracting. I'm trying to get away from ones that are too much in the way, like between the posts. I'm also trying to use ones that are more specific to our wants. Turns out Blogger has some other options than what I was using so we'll see how it goes. 
  • Of course, if you'd like to donate a few pennies directly to keep the blog afloat of the economic tumult, just click the "DONATE" button over - - - > there or here.
  • I've also been contemplating the idea of some bigger changes. But Mrs. Bernie I think has convinced me to hold off. Change is good, but sometimes the status quo is just as good if not better. 
Just know that I appreciate the visits and will continue to stand by your side and fight the EVIL WAYS OF BOREDOM....AND MISINFORMATION!!!


    Hunker Down said...

    Can't you just modify a gas-powered leaf blower backpack into an electric generator to keep your handy powered? Come on McGuyver, make it happen.

    ugakerri said...

    Lets live blog the tweetgate!!!

    Bernie said...

    @Hamp Do I look like an engiNerd to you?

    @Kerri Deal!