Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wag the Dawg fan

Wasn't it only yesterday we were gleaning our inside information from players' tweets/posts/conversations with reporters, seemingly even before the coaches knew about it? Now things are much different
Georgia reserve running back Ken Malcome didn’t travel to Ole Miss and wasn’t at practice Tuesday. “He had some illness that we sort of sent him home,” running backs coach Bryan McClendon said. “He went and got looked at this morning. …He got sent home just so he could get better.”
Some illness that we sort of sent him home...ok. He may very well have been sick. And I hope Boo feels better. But what intrigues me is the tone I take from that quote. "If it's truly your business and pertinent we'll let ya know."

Some fans might be preoccupied with every status update of every player. Me, I'd rather have a coaching staff that has a firm grasp on the comings and goings of the team; always at least a step ahead of the most obsessive BookFace user.

For instance, I wasn't aware that Rantavious Wooten was even in a car wreck until Monday night. Didn't even know he hadn't made the trip to Oxford. Of course, I admitted that I had done little to no reading Sunday as we traveled back to Atlanta ourselves. But still, in years past this is the kind of stuff thousands of Twitter followers would know about in real time.

The case of Derek Owens' impending transfer proves there's no perfect way to suppress information that's going to get out before everything is settled. But, I think I enjoy the ambiguity in most cases.

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