Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Warning: paint drying in Sanford this weekend

The offense's solid efficiency and eye bulging stats have lead Coach Bobo to this no brainer:

It's not the no huddle so much as the lack of hurry in it. What's the point of it if the defense has been there waiting on you to line up for 15-20 seconds? 

Of course, I guess this also means more shotgun. Which probably means more sacks. Based on what everyone saw Saturday there's no reason Ellis Johnson isn't going to send 5 or 6 each play to try and get to Aaron Murray. So why not huddle up, then come to scrimmage in the I. It might save our quarterback some bruises. And as a bonus it might actually help move the ball down the field.


Hunker Down said...

Remember when Coach Fabris said he liked directional kicking because it was a challenge? Maybe Bobo also just likes the challenge.

Clearly trying to get Richard Samuel positive yardage from the shotgun draw is a monumental challenge, so maybe we will see lots of that.

I hope that Bobo is just throwing it out there for Ellis Johnson's consumption because only a coach desperate to be unemployed would take the results of the hurry-up, no-huddle from the Boise game and want to do more of it.

Bernie said...

Exactly. And I just can't stop thinking that it would help this line gel and get their feet under them some more if they had a chance to huddle up.

Dawgmjs said...

We need more hurry up like we need more pass blocking first running backs, er, I mean blocking backs.

Anonymous said...

Get ready for more draw plays to Carlton Thomas up the middle!

Dawgfan17 said...

First drive of second half we move down the field with ease out of the I. Get to the Boise 28, go to spread/shotgun and end up trying a field goal from the 37 after 3 unsuccessful plays. Hmmm???