Monday, September 19, 2011

Weekend Wrapup

No time for the meatloaf today. I apologize. I was absolutely exhausted last night. I settled in to write during the Falcons game, then realized when I woke up and the 2nd quarter had just started that it just wasn't going to happen. I managed to stay awake for a couple Vick fumbles then the next thing I know the alarm was going off this morning.

I'm not as young as I once was and I'm not as old as I soon will be. Nevertheless, here's some thoughts from the weekend that I missed yesterday, as well as some thoughts as we move towards our first SEC road trip.
  • Had some people ask about what my 9yo's comment was regarding Ben Jones Saturday. She was looking through the program and saw a picture of him in action, then it went something like this: "That's how big Ben Jones is? Oh my gosh!" I guess she didn't see the one of Kwame. Double oh my gosh!
  • Blair Walsh. Like most of us I was more than a little concerned when he missed another attempt Saturday. Less worried after the 56 yarder though. My gut feeling is that Walsh (among some others) is pressing, trying to do too much to help the team. The veterans have to feel some amount of pressure to put the 6-7 season behind them, as well as help their coaches get off the hot seat. Nailing a long one like that should help going forward.
  • I'm hoping that Aaron Murray's issues are a result of pressing too hard as well. I'm not able to break down or pinpoint exactly he's doing wrong, but I can easily see he's missing throws we've seen him make before. Saturday he over threw a long out pattern then made a beautiful touch pass on a screen to Crowell. More than anything, going into Saturday I thought he was just overly (and understandably) conscious of the pass rush. But against CCU he should've been at ease back there.
  • Regardless, it's asinine to call for Murray to be benched. And there's some people clammoring to see LeMay. Really? Hope those people noticed two things Saturday: Mason is more than a capable backup and Parker Welch was third off the bench. Say hello to your redshirt Christian LeMay.
  • Before we leave the game against the Chanticleers, I had a chance to speak to Reader Jim yesterday. He tells me there's some growing support for Coastal Carolina to be the 14th member of the SEC. Stay tuned.
  • Was also thinking (again) last night that it sure would be nice to have Kent Turene on campus. But after watching some more highlights, Shawn Williams exceeded a lot of expectations.
  • Saw about half of the meteor game between Florida and Tennessee. Tyler Bray must be frustrating to cheer for. For every brilliant throw he made there were at least 6-7 balls that were amazing displays of ineptitude. Wow.
  • Some housekeeping notes. I've made an effort to clean up the right column. You may have noticed I've moved the links to a separate page, and the pages are now tabs across the top there. I think this will help with page load times. At least I've noticed a difference.
  • Also, I've really enjoyed the gameday live blogging. I'm hopeful I can do it from Oxford this weekend. A lot of it will depend on 3G availability. Ole Miss is an experience every true college football fan should enjoy. And I'd love to provide some of you a taste of the sights, sounds and the atmosphere. However, the state isn't necessarily known for it's grasp of the modern times the rest of us enjoy. The last time I was there my flip phone was state of the art technology. Nevertheless, if Nama and I can find enough signal (or even a wifi hotspot in the Grove) we'll get some stuff up here to enjoy.
  • The other real headache with the liveblog is approving comments. I wish this were easier to do from my handheld. But I may have a way around that so that you don't have to wait so long to see your comments/questions/amusements published. More later.
If nothing else, we really need to get to the bottom of who the hell Ole Miss' mascot really is.


Alan Ashley said...

I was wondering if the possible strength program could have impacted Walsh's form. I haven't done a side by side, but I know from hoops, increase too much too quick and it will impact form. Just a thought. Maybe Rex has some insight.

Anonymous said...

Murray, looked shaky, missing throws, holding on to the ball too long STILL. I am a Murray fan. I thought after his last horrible posession, the coaches would have put him back out there to end on a good note. But Hutson came right in.
Now on the road to Ole Miss (who being cursed for messing with the Mascot ) @storeydawg

Gov Milledge said...

Ole Miss is going to be a fun trip. I'm looking forward to taking full advantage of all things Grove-related (and Tunica-related).

What is this that they technically don't allow beer at the Grove? Presumably it's to encourage purchase of Dixie cups, but one never knows.

@Alan, the strength training could affect Blair's flexibility (and follow-thru). I'm sure there are pictures out there where you could put 'em side by side and compare to see if any changes happened

Bernie said...

@Alan I've wondered something similar as to Murray's struggles. He's noticeably bigger, huge biceps. And most of our issues in the S&C area I think are flexibility issues. Anyway, something to keep an eye on.

@StoreyDawg Hutson looked solid, comfortable. I really think Murray is pressing which is affecting his reads. There should've been no reason for him to lock onto receivers Saturday. However he did just that in the red zone, forced one to King when Mitchell beat his single coverage.

@MT the Grove is my second favorite place on Earth to tailgate. Cold cans from coolers are as plentiful there as sundresses.

Hope our beers cross paths!

RevTom said...

Would love to have seen Mason get much more playing time this past Saturday!