Monday, October 3, 2011

Aron White - Good Works

Thanks to Kaitlin for the heads up, here's a video they put together of White getting surprised with the award of being named to the 2011 All-State AFCA Good Works Team.

Great stuff there and congrats to Aron!

Here's a link to vote for Aron to be the captain of the Good Works team. Make sure you support this Damn Good Dawg!


Big Muddy Dawg said...

Hey, that's my elementary school! How cool! Aron's a Damn Good Dawg and I'm going to miss him next year, particularly during training camp, where his Tweets this year were hilarious.

Bernie said...

Damn. I thought you were at least in 6th grade by now. lol

And yes, know what you mean. You can tell this guy really leads by example.

Tylerdawgden said...

He was also inducted into Blue Key this semester.  DGD.

Big Muddy Dawg said...


If Aron doesn't end up in the League, I'd love to see him in doing something in sports media. He's got quite the personality.

Bernie said...

Hadn't heard that. Aron's built quite the resume so far: commencement speaker, humanitarian, honor society. Obviously didn't follow my 1993 5 year plan.