Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Bulldog Hotline redux, the commies

I've got a post in the oven on Coach Bobo, just didn't have time to finish it last night. The short of it today is that it's hard to complain too much about an offense that's gaining over 400 yards a game and put up 33 points while leaving at least another six in missed field goals.

However, I need to beg to differ a bit over a couple of responses last night on the hotline.

Dave in Stone Mountain says in the three games we’ve beaten Florida in the last 21 years we’ve had a 7-0 lead and a 100 yard rusher in all three of those wins. Wanted to point that out. Also, concerned about how we always seem to jump into the shotgun once we get into the redzone. And the first play always seems to put us into 2nd and long yardage. Why do we always get into the shotgun when we’re in the redzone even if we’ve been successful in the I? Richt – doesn’t think it is “always”, but says we do play a lot of football in the shotgun. Says he definitely will look into it, is interested to see how much it happens.
Scott in Grayson congratulates CMR on number 101. Appreciates Coach Grantham. Asks if Rambo was coached to get down after that interception at the end to avoid a fumble or was it a personal choice. Also asks about the shotgun formation on the last drive, why didn’t we use instead a couple TEs and a FB to kind of pound it out? Richt – Rambo probably felt the game was over. Many felt that way probably. Says he would probably ask that he get as much as he can while he’s in space. As far as being in the shotgun at the end of the game, we didn’t get much on a read play going sideways when we probably could’ve pulled the ball and gotten yards vertically. The time before when we tried to get a first down we were in an I-formation and some two-tights and were trying to pound it out and still weren’t able to get a first down. But we also had a five yard penalty that made it 1st and 15. We could’ve thrown a pass but that produces the risk of an interception or stopping the clock and giving them 40 seconds. The bottomline is we’ve got to get a first down when we need one to finish a game. Regardless of whether we’re in the eye or the gun it doesn’t matter. We’ve got to execute.
The shotgun is effective for us. And I'll have some proof tomorrow that the no huddle is working too. But adjusting to the grind it out philosophy Saturday night failed. I understand the logic of if people do their job and "execute" the play should be fine. But I also understand that when the defense knows you're going to run, it pays to have at least one extra variable in the backfield.

Bruce Figgins' adjustment to fullback has been a bright spot for this offense. And Zander Ogletree continues to get more reps during the game. Everyone knew Samuel was going to take that handoff from Murray in the shotgun and sweep right on 1st and 15. It's friggin' Vanderbilt. They're smart kids, right?

Stick a fullback back there and give those linebackers one more thing to think about. If nothing else you're at least putting Samuel in a position to do what he does best, run downhill.

It's not rocket science, is it? Am I missing something?


AthensHomerDawg said...

Speaking of 100 yard rushing games.... how is Crowell?

Bernie said...

Personally, I think he's fine health wise. He got about the number of carries I was expecting. Just not in the manner at which I expected it. CMR did say last night that Thomas was hurt on his first carry, which is why we saw so little of him. He didn't recall what the injury was specifically. I think this speaks more to Malcome's continuing lack of a role.

Bottomline, we should have a healthy Crowell and probably Thomas too when we travel down to the St. Johns.