Thursday, October 20, 2011

Bye week blues

Mostly some housekeeping notes for you as we near the first weekend of the season that has no Georgia football. Together we can get through. Chin up now. It's ok.

- First and foremost, I intended to have a separate post dedicated to what would have been Lewis Grizzard's 65th birthday. But time did not permit its finish. Maybe it'll fit in Monday's Meatloaf. In the mean time here's a link to some Grizzard based posts under the tag I've dedicated to him.
- What I recommend to people though on a special day like today, is to head over to the site dedicated to him and read one of his columns. (If that link doesn't work I'll correct when I'm off the mobile.) Check out The Grit Tree. Or simply read from your favorite book.
- God I miss that man dearly. Happy Birthday Mr. Grizzard!
- More on this tomorrow, but the family and I are heading out of town for the bye week. That is going to result in little to no posting, barring breaking news.
- However I do have a chapter in misery coming tomorrow. And there's been a request for a Brew of the Week post, so that will come Saturday. Which works out well because Saturday is the first anniversary of the ever popular social beer drinking app Untappd. More to come.

So get some rest Dawg fans. Have a safe and relaxing bye week. Stay away from underage alcohol and scooters. And consider Remerton a ghost town.

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ScooBoo said...

Have fun Bernie!


Bernie said...

Thanks. Go Dawgs!