Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Catching on: Brown vs Rogers

Noticed two similar stories leading up to the game Saturday between the Dawgs and Tennessee. Like a congressional tale from separate sides of the aisle, in Tennessee they're talking about Da'Rick Rogers facing the team he scorned. And in Georgia we're talking about Marlon Brown returning to his home state.

But while the recruiting stories are similar, the play on the field has been somewhat different. Georgia fans are still waiting on Brown to have his breakout game. The junior has 13 catches in 2+ seasons. Rogers on the other hand contributed last year in his freshman season, but only to the tune of 11 receptions for 167 yards. However, he added another 117 yards rushing and nearly 300 in kick returns.

Neither has been much of a factor in the rivalry border clash between Georgia and Tennessee. Rogers had one catch for a negative gain last season. Brown had 2 catches for 15 yards his freshman year and did not play in last year's game.

They also share different roles on their team. With Justin Hunter out for the season after the Florida game, Rogers burdens most of the receiving load for the Vols. He has 27 catches, next on the team is Hunter with 17. 

Marlon on the other hand will come off the bench and probably fewer Georgia fans will notice than Tennessee fans, the ones who still somehow harbor a grudge for leaving Memphis for Athens. Brown probably has less pressure on him going into this game in Neyland Stadium now than he did two years ago. So the question is the same as it has been...

Is this the game we've been waiting for?

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