Thursday, October 20, 2011

Coach Bobo, after some reflection

Some great comments and reactions to yesterday's post, both here at my little blog and on twitter. More than anything that proves I've got great readers and the best followers.

I've reread what I wrote a couple times and stand by what I typed. I do agree with DawgFaithful that it was probably ill-timed. We have won five straight games and are coming off what may have been Bobo's best called game of the season. 

In fact, Saturday was definitely Bobo's best game when you consider that he didn't have his starting tailback for the 1st quarter and wasn't even blinking over the thought of attacking Vanderbilt's strength - their secondary. Consequently, Murray had a career day.

But yesterday was an example of how I still believe the only people that read this blog are Nama and my wife. I tend to assume everyone has read everything thing I've written on Bobo. That's my fault and a rookie mistake. Especially considering all the new visitors I've had recently. (Hello, my name is Bernie. Beer's in the, over there...)

Truth is I've been pretty fair to Bobo. I really do think he can make a great offensive coordinator. I even think that it could happen in Athens. We've seen it. I just don't believe we've seen it enough. Whether that's because he's not experienced enough yet, or Richt's still got his hands in there, or because some plays are still the head guy's, or because of injuries and misfortune, or having to use good players to help block instead of run routes...I don't know. Maybe a little bit of everything.

But I tell you what I do know, I'm tired of excuses. If we're not scoring points because of the offensive line, the depth at running back or because the concessions at Section 326 aren't selling enough peanuts, then Mike Bobo needs to figure that crap out. This is his offense. 

Can I do his job? Hell no. Which is why it's so frustrating to see us line up in shotgun to kill clock. My daughters knew Samuel was going to take that ball right towards the sideline on 1st and 15. And any doubt Vanderbilt didn't know it as well was erased pretty quickly after the snap. Put Figgins back in there and let #22 run downhill right behind him. We all know that's what he does best. The head coach even said as much Monday night on the Hotline.

Coach Richt has the attitude that every play when executed correctly will succeed. Good, sound philosophy to impart on his young protégé. And for the most part I agree. But this is a league where you sometimes need a lot more than execution.


JaxDawg05 said...

Trust me, Bernie. Coach Bobo deserves some criticism for some of his play calling. I just wanted to show examples (LSU & Bama) where the two best teams in the country just run their offense and don't rely on the next new thing(Awbarn & FU) or smoke and mirrors (Boise State). UGA is thin at offensive line and running back which poor recruiting and a much needed purge is to blame for that. I still believe, especially in the SEC, that teams need a balance of run and pass coupled with a tough nosed defense. That combination has worked pretty well for the SEC the last 5 years in the BCS Championship game.

Lowcountry Dawg said...

I agree that Bobo can be good at times. It's the times he seems to have brain farts, like shotgun to run clock, that concern me. A good coach learns from his mistakes and improves because of them. Lets hope Bobo has his best game against the gayturds in Jacksonville, where we can ill afford any brain farts. Keep up the good work Bernie!

AthensHomerDawg said...

Bobo was a very young hire with relatively little experience. It's reasonable to expect some growing pains.  He is coaching and learning in the toughest college football league in the nation. He better have thick skin.

Ben Dukes said...

I wonder if all the people questioning Bobo's decision to run from shotgun against Vandy have gone back and done any kind of assessment of which formations have given us the most success on the ground this season, or if they're simply saying "Look, teams run clock from the I...that's what they do.  Why didn't we do that?  Bobo is stupid."

AthensHomerDawg said...

Ok- Does that beg the question...... which formation has given us the most success on the ground this season and per what running back? I would certainly give it up to  you as someone who would know . I've not been in the arena like you ... so  yeah! And I enjoyed your breakdown of the three quarters of a football game.  It's nice to learn the game from someone who has played it. So.... what would you have run? Shotgun looked lame to me.
just sayin'

Alan Kelley said...

Is the SEC really a place for an OC to be learning on the job? Lord have mercy that's what we are doing and I just don't get it. CMR is Brilliant I say just BRILLIANT!

Alan Kelley said...

Bobo is stupid at the most inopportune times.

Alan Kelley said...

It was way lame

Bernie said...

I don't think you need an assessment to realize the shotgun has been very effective. But so has Bruce Figgins. In the situation referenced above we could've used that extra blocker for Samuel to run downhill.