Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Finishing a statement

Coach Richt wants to finish a game in a strong way.
Steven in Dalton wants to know what is one area he feels we need to improve in as we move along. Then gives a shout out to Coach Grantham for the job they are doing. Richt - says the finish is one area where we struggled last year and it cost us some ball games. Mentions the 3rd quarter was really good this week and we were driving to make it at least a 17 point lead. And then all of a sudden we get all the penalties to make it 2nd and 56. So we had a chance but didn’t get it. We need to finish better. As far as Grantham, has done a great job. Mentions all of the defensive coaches and support staff. Tremendous morale on the defense right now.

AD McGarity wants to finish a season in a strong way.
“What everyone must do at a halfway point — it’s just like the halfway point of a project the halfway point of anything you do — it’s how you finish that really is the key thing that everyone has to focus on right now,” McGarity said. “Once you think you might have it figured out or you may rest on your laurels so to speak, that’s when you have problems. The message that we need to have and the message that everyone needs to have is that each week gets bigger and bigger. To get to certain levels, you have to work that much harder.”

Hopefully the former will begat the latter.

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