Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday misery, chapter 7: WLOFP

You know what I'm sick and damn tired of doing? Planting my face in the palm of my hand in the 4th quarter of the World's Largest Outdoor Faceplant Party.

Nice shot of Charlie Weis in his infancy
 there at the 1:48 mark.

This week of hate is always such a torrent of emotions. Losing ground in the rivalry just does that to you. You can't help but get excited at the idea of the actual game, especially after a bye week. Then you get pissed off at the reality of 0-3, 2-8 and 3-18. Throw in some frustration at having to wait until the cocktails are served and the game kicks off and you're really fit to be tied by Wednesday at the latest.

Now it's Friday. And the game is tomorrow. Make no mistake: I want this win tomorrow more than I want world peace. I want to kick their ass more than I want to breath clean air. I want to beat the shit out of them more than I want ice around my bourbon. I want to leave the Gator Bowl AllTel Stadium Everbank Field with a damn smile on my face and a cigar in my mouth more than I want a BBQ sandwich for lunch. 

For once I'd like to see those miserable effin' bastards plant their faces in the palms of their hands as the seconds drain from the clock. Tomorrow, I want my team to want it twice as much as I do. I want euphoria. I want victory, as I drink in their misery from my seat.

Go Dawgs! Do the world a favor. Beat the damn Gators!


Scott Harris said...

Of all the blogs I have read this week, I think I can honestly say you summed up my emotions on this matter as well as anyone ever has. It is obvious you've been over the bridge to the tailgate for many years only to find yourself hungover and sad starring at taillight heading back up I-95 debating what you will do with next year's money.

Well THIS YEAR IT STOPS my friend! To borrow a phrase from our friends from the west, THE TIDE HAS TURNED !


Bernie said...

Dude. We got this! I'm with ya.

Go Dawgs!

Hunkering Hank said...

Dawgs win.