Thursday, October 6, 2011

From good to better - Bobo's kitchen

Yesterday I suggested that play calling had something to do with Aaron Murray's struggles this year. I know, ground breaking development there right? But before this appears as if I'm encouraging everyone to kick a dead horse, I think it's prudent to evaluate things from a good distance. Let's take a step back shall we?

Coach Bobo has a lot of youth on his squad, most notably on the offensive line. There are days I have professed to be able to call plays for the University of Georgia tackle football team, but as far as managing an offense with only 5 returning starters and little depth...I would certainly be lost.

And that among other things has to affect playcalling. I truly believe that Bobo has yet to grow into his position as an SEC offensive coordinator. But...there's also evidence he hasn't been put in a position to succeed. 

Debate for another day perhaps. That being said, let's all get in...

Bobo's kitchen
When I cook I need two things from start to finish: space and organization. I need counter space to organize ingredients, cutting boards, knives, raw meat, utensils, sauces, a refreshing beverage, cooked meat, get the idea. If I have the space and organization to manage those things, the end product is usually delicious.

There's no semblance or order to what Bobo's cooking. Not all of that is his fault, but it still lies at his feet. He has a quarterback who's antsy about the pass rush, an offensive line with a steep learning curve, other personnel at various levels of progress and he can't stop from evaluating the scoreboard. 

I get the impression that he's over managing, trying to play chess when the board is full of red and black checker pieces. Since being named OC, Bobo has had momentary strokes of genius. However, they've just never translated into long term success. I know I'm not typing anything you don't already know, but this is something that bears repeating...

Mike Bobo needs to stop shuffling around...and just cook. Fire up all 64,000 BTUs and let the team blaze a bit. Don't let the scoreboard dictate playcalling until the 4th quarter at the earliest. And by all means, if Coach Richt gets in the headset convo and says send in the kicking unit on 4th and short, pipe up and remind him we have a fullback that can lay down that far.

You preheat the oven Monday - Thursday, get everything set out and ready on Friday so that by Saturday all there is to do is man the grill. Here's a stainless steel spatula Coach, get to work.

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