Friday, October 14, 2011

Gap knowledge, a year later

Last year the Dawgs had no nose for Grantham's new approach to defending turf, literally and figuratively. This year however is a much different story.
"We just have a really good line that plays together," inside linebacker Christian Robinson said. "They know their job. They're not coming out of their gaps. They're staying in their gaps and that allows linebackers to flow and not get picked off.
"I think maybe last year we were all kind of unsure about, 'Do I stay in my gap or do I go, or do I have a choice?' Now they're taking up space and blockers. It allows them to get pressure, and it allows us to do our job."
Lot of season left on the board. But man, what a difference a year makes.


AthensHomerDawg said...

Great week... no flying T flag. Brother Erk (name of the Bulldog we place on steps at sidewalk after every victory) disappeared until this morning---but was returned .  Boys took over house and grill and I got a good dose of music I haven't heard of before and fireworks were shot off...... I counted about 20 kids Sunday am spread out through house.  Whoever said that kids today just don't get it are mistaken cause they had blown the fireworks debrie off the street and generally picked up the neighborhood around us. Yeah I saw some interesting tats and such..... but a pretty good group of future accountants, lawyers and doctors. I gave up on that second cup of coffee and went to Starbucks and read the newspaper. We beat Tennessee in Knoxville.  Everyone had a good time.
Go Dawgs! "It's beginning"

Bernie said...

Nothing like a house full of DGDs. Especially if they're housetrained. lol