Saturday, October 15, 2011

In the case of Conley v Mason

First off, Chris Conley should see some more action today. With Mitchell out, Wooten still concussed...others not ready to step up, Conley is ready to suit up and play some ball.
“I definitely thought there was a possibility I would redshirt and that wasn’t something I was opposed to,” Conley said. “I knew the costs and benefits of redshirting and I was just ready to take things in stride and get better so that whenever my opportunity came I could contribute to the team. When my number was called and I was able to go on the field, I had been practicing in such a way it wasn’t really like I had to get caught up.”
"Whenever his opportunity came up....Contribute to the team."

Conley's a receiver and Hutson Mason is a quarterback, but I don't think comparing their recent comments is an apples to oranges situation. Although I understand why Mason is frustrated, his quotes to the media rubbed me a little uneasy. (h/t UGACory)
Q: It’s such, like you said in the spring a ‘sticky situation,’ he’s a sophomore you’re a sophomore, so it’s not like ‘I’ll get my time.’ So how would you like to see it handled eventually?
Mason: (Sighs.) Man, dude I don’t know. It’s kept me up a lot of nights, I mean a lot. It’s rough. I would probably have a lot of peace with it if I knew that 'Hey Aaron’s a junior or senior and hey my time will come.' But not getting redshirted and just knowing that me and him are the same year, and knowing that the pros don’t look as good next year (for Murray), that my time’s ticking. It’s just something that I’ve really been praying about real hard, trying to figure out God’s will for my life.
And it’s here, or if it’s somewhere else. I hope it’s here. I want to play here, and prove to myself that and to people that I can play in the SEC. This is the best conference, and I see on game day how live and how much energy there is. And I can’t imagine taking a step down for that. But I want to play real bad. Like I told everybody I didn’t come here to ride the pine. I don’t know. I’ve always said I’ll evaluate myself after every season, and that’s what I’ll do at the end of this year. I probably won’t be able to tell you till the end of the season.
Now, to be fair Hutson goes on to say he would not only pray about it and talk to his family, but he's also close to DJ Shockley. I like Mason and I truly believe he'll get a chance to shine. I'm not one of those that believes that chance should come today, or last week. Murray's our quarterback and I think Mason is pushing him. Which is what we want.

However, what I don't want are quotes mid-season from a quarterback that aren't team oriented. He's one play away from being the starting quarterback for the University of Georgia, just ask Chris Conley how that works. He was on the friggin' scout team facing his redshirt before Wooten was in a wreck and Marlon sprained an ankle.

If Mason still feels the same way in January, then by all means put all your thoughts into what is best for #14. But right now we need a team. Not a me.


Anonymous said...

Great article, I agree 100%. It seems as though Hutson has an attitude of entitlement which I don't care for. I hope that he can take a long look in the mirror and decide to put the team first and become a DGD.

chicagodawg said...

Well said!