Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The "love" for Crowell

I was reading through Weiszer's soaked practice notes and found this nugget on Crowell interesting.
Tailback Isaiah Crowell says his lingering sore right wrist “should heal better now,” with two weeks between games. He hurt the wrist again he said in pass protection and said his right elbow was also sore.
“Should be better by next week,” Crowell said. “It was really my wrist, but my elbow got hurt a little, too. …I hope it gets a chance to heal this week and next week.”
Asked why he was held out the first quarter, Crowell said “Really, I just think coach (Mark) Richt should handle that question. I don’t really know.”
Crowell said he was eager to get into the game, but the injuries limited his playing time. He finished with 10 carries for 35 yards.
Now, I think he'll be fine as far as the injury. But the little bit there about hurting it again on pass protection reminded me of the exchange between him and Coach Richt as he came off the field.

Why was he punished? Probably due to a curfew or missed class. But I couldn't help but notice his intensity on pass protection Saturday night. Perhaps Crowell felt the love Richt was giving him.

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Anonymous said...

I read on a UGA blog somewhere that Crowell mouthed off to an academic advisor.