Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday's Meatloaf - And here we are...

Halfway through, it's time to take a break. I don't know about you but I'm flat out exhausted. Saturday night took a lot out of me. I spent most of yesterday becoming one with my sofa. At 8:30 I guess I fell asleep during a commercial. Because I woke up and the episode of Always Sunny I had been watching had fast forwarded all the way through. 

Time for bed sleepy head.

And time to take a deep breath and evaluate things some. We've reached the point in the season where things can take a glorious turn or can trip us into a brick paver. Face first. Ouch.

This season we get two full weeks to hate florida. This is the moment I personally have been waiting on for a long time. Let's start this thing off right...

With your bright orange shirts
and your sissy blue britches
You can go to Hell you sonsabitches!
Gators,'d ya like to bite my ass?

Today's Ingredients
Pass the bourbon, STAT!
  • Redcrake gets us started nicely with a contest we can ALWAYS win against the gators - mockery. 
  • Pending any unforeseen surprises like a loss during a bye week, the Dawgs are heading down to the WLOCP as a ranked team.
  • CCRider has the answer to a puzzling question about Charlie Weis.
  • Paschall outlines the Dawgs next test.
  • Kennesaw Taylor describes this FU team as a lame gazelle. But warns that we still gotta be paying attention.
  • When answering his three Vandy questions, Tyler discovers that the point could be moo. You know, like a cow's opinion.
  • His thoughts might be incomplete, but Big Muddy reminds us of how we felt after our 2007 close win in the Music City.
  • UGACory looks at the good and bad of the win over Vandy.
  • Lattimore's a helluva a player. So it makes sense that his season ending injury would affect the SEC East race. Weiszer gives it a go.
  • Phil Steele's mid term grades are in. 
  • Not to be outdone, Socrates grades out the SEC East.
  • And one thing I failed to add in my final thoughts from Saturday night: did you notice we ran a pass play to a fullback!!! Dallas Lee's helmet got in the way, but hey! That's progress folks. Give it a hug!
Now, I'm sure we've covered before that Mrs. Bernie and I don't share a similar appreciation for certain cinematic masterpieces. To crudely over generalize, she digs those Oscar crapfests and I prefer a good cult classic. Like The Big Lebowski. I could watch that movie 20 times straight and still be laughing hysterically everytime Jesus Quintana talks bowling alley smack to the Dude as he's abiding.

But last week my little lady was kind enough to record something for me while I was at work. She can't stand to hear me quote The Princess Bride but knew I would enjoy seeing their reunion as it aired on morning television. Quite simply, I thoroughly enjoy this movie. I read the book twice and have seen the movie too many times to count. And yet this reunion had plenty of anecdotes I'd never known about. Make sure you catch the memories of Andre the Giant, especially as Crystal recalls the time he passed out in a hotel lobby. 

Giant > a Renault.

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There's your you wish! Reader. Have a great Monday.


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