Monday, October 3, 2011

Monday's Meatloaf - Magnolia State Champions bring temptations

It always seems a safe proposition, but it always leads to treacherous waters. You win three games in a row and suddenly the temptation is to take a peak, prognosticate and develop scenarios that will give us a season to remember.

Stop my friends. Resist the urge. There is nothing to gain for thinking about any games except the one that is next. We started the season with two losses. We need to act in the same manner we want our players to act, with focus and determination. Focused on the present only and determined to take this thing one step at a time.

From 0-2 to 3-2, that's enough to provide a moment to take a deep breath. And given that South Carolina lost we might be tempted to take two. But from there we need to be very cautious. For there are many already who are looking ahead, way down the road.

But as we transition this week, adjust out minds from the win over MSU to the preparation for the trip to Knoxville I'll be looking first to our players to see how they're handling this recent string of success. Then to our fans. In many ways both groups feed off of each other. I'm simply asking that we all measure this success for what it's worth.

There's a reason bowl invitations and season awards aren't given out this time of year. Let's all stay focused on the week at hand.

Today's Ingredients
Is that a twig in your protective cup?
  • UPDATE - the Mumme Poll is back. Sign up now!
  • Too bad Nickoe Whitley won't be returning to Sanford anytime soon. I know some Dawgs who'd like a crack at him...with or without a full bladder. h/t Kimberley
  • This post by the Senator sums up the standings in the SEC East right now. It also makes me more than a little eager to see if Coach Grantham can get a few of lil Dooley's hairs out of place.
  • ecdawg explores the dangers of being a homer. Sometimes you're the windshield, sometimes you're the reptile underneath a pachyderm's big toe.
  • vineyarddawg is thinking Coach Bobo might need to be on perma-notice. I approve of that message. If nothing else, maybe the distinction will wake the guy up in the second half.
  • In case you missed it, Garbin has signed on for his latest book. In related news, gators suck just as much as they always have.
  • Big Muddy goes to the video tape to determine where Crowell's footprints actually were.
  • Over the years the method to success against the Vols has always been - run the damn ball. Legge has a historical look that leans towards the Dawgs having an upper hand heading into this one.
  • Dawgola Tesla recalls the last night game in Knoxville.
  • Safe to say the honeymoon is officially over in the land of the reptiles. I just have two things to say: Charlie - always dress for success, and Will...damn son, act like you been there
But we all know those turds will have their (crap) together by the time we meet them in Jax. And I still maintain that this is when we can truly evaluate things. Once we're 50 days in we'll be prepping for the season's true barometer. We might be coming off some down seasons, but we're still Georgia. We don't beat a couple teams from the Mississippi delta and suddenly think we can half-plan for the Georgia Dome.
Touch that rock, but don't
lift it Dad.
Let's get it together and steady ourselves for an autumnal stretch. Let's find a comfortable pace as we turn our sights on the state of Tennessee and stroll through each day, one at a time.

But before we turn the page completely, I do want to give one big shout-out. And this might make most of you cringe...but Dabo Swinney has proven to me to be a pretty swell guy. The verdict may still be out on how good of a coach he is, but as my dad recovers from heart bypass surgery Coach Swinney was kind enough to drop the old man a line or two of encouragement. I think the kind lady I emailed in the AA office must've run that Blacksburg-bound bus down to get him to do it, but I was thrilled when my request was honored. It might be awhile before Dad runs down that hill, but it helps to know he has his coach on his side. I appreciate that.

Just don't expect me to do any kind of tiger ragging come 2013. Etiquette might be big in the South, but college football is bigger. Now...y'all take a slice of this meatloaf, some provolone and put that on some thick sandwich bread. Then just find a place for that afternoon nap. 

Your welcome!



CCRider said...


How dare you not believe that the entire season is turned around after our domination of the State of Mississippi.  I for one feel that I must bring you overall fanhood into question.  I mean did you see how Bobo was dialing it up agaisnt Nutt and Mullen.  I mean there is basically no difference between the Missy schools and LSU and Bama.  Really, Bernie I mean think about it all four of them are in the SEC West!  This is what makes me sick about Georgia bloggers.  They are never satisfied.  I mean what do you want?  Do you want Georgia to be undefeated at this point? Why?  Because we have played five programs that are traditionally five of the most flaccid and ineffective football programs in all of the NCAA. 
Whatever, I hate you and I hope all bad things in life happen to you and nobody else.  Now if you will excuse me I am going to go and eat a little of the Richt hair that I stole of the floor of his barber shop.  P.S. we are still alive in the National Title hunt, didn't LSU get one with two losses a few years back?  I guess that won't be good enough either!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(I'm sorry man I just couldn't resist.  I'll stay off you comments from now on.)

Bernie said...

As satisfying as a magnolia trophy is, Rachel Richt and I are still on a break. Now, if he meets lil Dools at midfield Saturday night and scruffs up that glorious head o hair...well, nope. Not even then. 

After Boise...the Liberty Bowl...refusing to answer my questions ( It will take 50+ in Jax and a Muschomp nut punch to get me to make out with him again.

Anonymous said...

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