Monday, October 10, 2011

Monday's Meatloaf - On a roll with a new role

Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life son. And feeling uncomfortable in your own skin isn't much better. 

My 9yo auditioned (I guess that's what you'd call it) for a role in a school production last week. Really proud of her for taking that step. And when she brought the rehearsal lines home to memorize before the audition I just had to laugh.

Like...may I have like 10,000
marbles please?
For a few years I've sat there and cringed every time she says the word "like". Cuz like, she like says like, like a lot. The lines to rehearse were of what I remember calling a "valley girl"; the stereotypical young female that uses a lot of words to say very, very little. It was apparent that it was the role she was born to play. If she doesn't get it I'll immediately know that there's another dad in my area that endures even more "likes" than I am exposed to.

And on Saturday night as Coach Richt continued to leave his offense on the field I couldn't help but think...this is a role I want my tackle football coach to immerse himself into. This is us, we're here in your damn house. I didn't wipe my boots off cuz your doormat is an ugly orange. We're going to continue marching down the field and give our punter a rest. If you don't like that you can either call your mom or try and stop us.

Awesome! And as important as that message was to send to the opposing sideline, I think it was exponentially more important to send it to Coach Richt's own sideline. So many Saturday nights lately I've been left wishing for a bye week; a break from the difficulty of watching another down of Georgia football.

Saturday night about 10:45 I was already geek'd up for Vandy. Ready to bark some more. Don't draw that curtain. Leave the lights ablazin'...let's GATA!!

Today's Ingredients


  • And I can't help but smile today knowing that people like AthensHomer don't have to worry about their neighbors' big T flags for another year...or more.
  • A lot of good stuff in ecdawg's Dawg Daily this morning. Including a frustrated Richt over the inability to put his Nike on lil Dooley's throat.
  • Tyler Dawgden answers his three Tennessee questions.
  • Ben Dukes had two initial reactions to the win on Rocky Top. And before you scoff at the notion of punting on 3rd down, isn't it just as fitting as any other play call for the down and yardage?
  • The Senator found Saturday's 100th win for Richt to be a classic in many ways.
  • The cocks "impressive" win Saturday over SEC JV Kentucky did little to impress Dawgola as he analyzes the SEC East race.
  • Macondawg feels it's still safe to ignore FSU fans' boasting of a return to the Dadgum days.
  • In case you missed it, Displaced Dawg gets Slive some help with setting the expansion bar high with his buddy Toothpick's SEC qualifications. Great read. There's only 6 of them, but I think you'll see he's got pretty much everything covered.

In the end it remains to be seen if Coach Richt's squad can continue this march to Glory. Is the role of brash bully that eagerly accepts the challenge of 4th and short something we can continue to use effectively? Or is it a mask that we just pull out of the closet every now and then?

Coaches are human just like the rest of us. They can evolve, develop and recognize changes in the landscape. Unless you're Les Miles and football is simply a casual distraction from the art of being Lesticle. Still change is hard and lasting change is especially elusive. I doubt he'd admit it publicly, but I just have to believe that sometimes in private Richt wishes he'd made some changes that we all saw earlier than he did. Gratham's rolling right now. Wish we were in Year 3-4.

Of course fans have a role too. I expect to see the Richt supporters start to be more vocal this week with the I told you so's. Just like I expect to see the other end of the spectrum to continue with the Don't be fooled, it's going to have a familiar taste at the end. Meanwhile most of us will just continue wait and see attitude. 

Lot of football left. Gotta take em one game at a time. But this meatloaf? Go ahead and take two big pieces, a mound of mashed potatoes and some gravy there. We'll call it the 3rd and 57 plate. Might need two napkins.


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