Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Mumme Poll - week eight

Boise State
Michigan State
Oklahoma State

Some turnover from last week's ballot. I dropped Oklahoma out, kept Wisconsin in. Everyone else moved up two spots except Oklahoma State who only moved up one. Still not sold on the Cowboys being an elite team, but we'll find out for sure soon enough I guess.

Michigan State has impressed me. I certainly haven't seen every game they've played, but they play good defense and you have to admire their grit in standing up to Wisconsin and then stealing the game away at the end.

What I'm looking for next is Clemson's late season drama. They escaped Maryland and seemed to toy some with a mediocre UNC team. Should they beat GA Tech in Atlanta this weekend they should cruise into their annual showdown with South Carolina. If they can finish as strong as they started, then I think that becomes a compelling argument for number 2 after either Bama or LSU lose November 5th.

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