Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Mumme Poll - week six

Here they are:

  1. LSU
  2. Bama
  3. Oklahoma
  4. Wisconsin
  5. Boise State
  6. Clemson
  7. Oregon
  8. Arkansas
  9. Stanford
  10. Oklahoma State
At the time of my ballot casting LSU had a comfortable lead over Alabama for first place. That surprised me a little. I think an argument can be made for Bama having a better offense based mostly on the legs of Trent Richardson. But I give the edge to LSU in the end based on schedule strength.

I have two one loss teams ahead of both Stanford and Oklahoma State.The short answer I guess is that they were both "good" losses to the two best teams in football. That and I think both Oregon and Arkansas are better than 9 and 10.

Heading into week seven I'm looking for a reason to drop Okie State.

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