Monday, October 10, 2011

Picking some Rocky Flop nits

Completed a rewatch of the game and saw a couple more things I wanted to discuss that I didn't hit on yesterday.
  • We did not have an early answer for Mychal Rivera, the Tennessee TE. Now I bring that up for two reasons. First, nice to see his production dwindle as the game went on. And second, really makes me wish we'd see our TEs more involved. It's worth repeating...there are few if any LBs that can cover our guys.
  • Case in point, early in second half Orson drew a pass interference call in the endzone that set up a first and goal for Crowell's first TD. Only positive things can come of getting him and White more involved.
  • Tavarres King should've had about 3 TDs and 200 yards.
  • Pass rush was better than I originally thought. Bray just has a really good internal clock. He got rid of some balls right on time. Overall though I expected us to get after him a little more than we were able to.
  • Another tip of the hat to the coaches. They did everything we've been wanting them to do: set the tone of the game (4th down bravado), prepared the team for the noise and atmosphere and made the necessary adjustments to win the game.
  • There were a few mistakes Tennessee made that were reminiscent of mishaps we tend to make. Most notably timeout management, but also key penalties. Sure we lost our heads and got in a 3rd and 57 yard predicament. But in the 3rd quarter the Vols had a 3rd and 1 and were about to run a halfback pass, I think. They got penalized into a 3rd and 6 instead and lost the upperhand and element of surprise.
  • Lastly, back to Coach Richt. How much does it say about his character that a player who was on the verge of leaving the program a week and a half ago was one of the guys dumping the Powerade on him as the clock ran out? That's right, I noticed that Boo Malcome was helping Drew Butler with the bucket. 
Kids really want to play for this guy. And although there's a long way to go this season, I'm starting to think he wants to have more buckets dumped on him in the future.


BuLL dawg said...

119-16 Boise State
114-26 Oklahoma
110-24 Texas 1 National Championship
109-25 Southern California on field 1 BCS NC vacated
108-29 Louisiana State 2 National Championships
106-22 Ohio State on field 1 National Championship
104-35 Virginia Tech
102-29 Texas Christian
102-34 Florida 2 National Championships
100-36 Georgia
Alabama, Auburn, Miami, BCS NC Mark Richt era

Matt Totten said...

Good catch on Malcome being neck-deep in the Powerade conspiracy.  I bet we'll see him get a few touches next week v Vandy

MT said...

BTW, I am not a big fan of Disqus. I know you mentioned before the spamming incident w/ Blogger, but it's a much easier posting format to understand with logins, less likely to have a post inadvertently pop up under a non-pseduonym

Bernie said...

I understand. Wish Blogger was more advanced in several areas. This is the best I can do at the moments however.