Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sunday's 100 Thoughts

Congratulations to Coach Richt! One hundred wins in 11 seasons. And the century mark came against the son of the guy who hired ya. Fate sometimes has a funny script.

- First we need to give credit where it is due. The offensive line did a great job of providing time and a pocket for Murray to throw from. Probably their best game so far. They continue to improve each week.
- We have an offense to be reckoned with when Crowell is in the picture. Doubtful he gets yet another SEC Freshman OTW honor this week, but he kept Tennessee honest when he was in the backfield.
- Malcolm Mitchell could take the honor this week however. Flipped the field right when we needed to on that 3 play, 93 yard drive. But his best catch I thought was on the underthrow where he had to adjust from being 5 yards past the defender to out playing the guy for the ball.
- Speaking of which, not Murray's best night at all. Missed some open receivers and struggled making the deep throws.
- But no turnovers, so the beards are safe!
- 4th and That's way too much laundry.
- I'm humbled that Richt read my misery Wow...balls to the wall on 4th down conversions. It's a nice feeling to be cheering for a team that has more confidence than the opponent.
- Back to the lack of turnovers, I'm still not sure what the ruling was. When it was made I thought they were saying the Vol regained possession. But later I thought I read that the ruling was that he was down. Either way, we got jobbed.
- Vasser played well and Drew provided what may have been the only pass rush. That said, sure hope Washington got all the bones out of his head last weekend. We need him for the WLOCP.
- Vandy's not going to be easy. And Florida will either be decimated or determined come the 29th, likely the latter. But for today it's a nice perch here looking down on them.

That's why I'm easy...

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Anonymous said...

Road win in the SEC. I'll take it. Go Dawgs!

DawgFaithful said...

Lets dont leave out Mike Gilliard. 12 Tackles, 1 Sack, 1 FF, 1 Pass defended.

Also Branden Smith got some offensive reps., The world didnt collapse with 2 #1's.  In fact I thought it was kinda cool how they rotated #1's.  A little confusing for the defense.  Bernie and others can be happy now.

Bernie said...

Gilliard was a beast, all over the field. Thanks for adding that.

And I thought they were keeping Branden under wraps for this game. You're right, the world didn't collapse. But I still maintain that it'd be better to have them on the field at the same time.

Jim said...

If our defense keeps playing like it has the past 4 games I like our chances to represent the east in the SECCG.  South Carolina still needs to lose another game though.  I am not sure who would be the team most likely to take them down.

Bernie said...

They have Arkansas at home Nov 5th, fwiw. -

Troutdawg said...

Congrats to CMR, we'll see how we finish the season'

JaxDawg05 said...

With Dream Teamers getting a bunch of snaps and Coach Grantham's 3-4 defense playing great, the future looks really bright for Dawg Nation.

Bernie said...

Yep. Lot of football to be played. Of course, it looks like McGarity is watching closely the rest of the way too. -