Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sunday Thoughts on Missy

First and "butt" most...did Charles "Lipo" Weis miss a belt loop? Or did he just turn the Earth on its ear?

Ok, now...they're somewhat scattered but here they are:

- S/O to Matt from Roswell who recognizes a hot shot blogger when he sees one. *high five*
-  Aaron Murray...tragic hero or epic bullet in foot? Discuss...
- Judging from the voices I've heard, I'm not the only one who's sick of seeing Crowell on the sideline. Especially when the game is in the balance.
- Plan to rewatch today, but seemed like the line played better against a quality defensive front. Still have some protection issues all around, but hard to complain.
- Also from what I've heard, Crowell never stepped out. Ouch.
- Defensive backs who can also catch for $200 please Alex.
- Ok, who has kidnapped Blair Walsh? I mean seriously. Bring him back. Please.
- Can Orson and Malcolm go out on pass patterns on the same play?
- Disappointed that we let them off the mat. But this is a team that can now let its defense carry it. And that feels pretty good.
- Hello! SEC East race...and AwwBarn makes quite the awkward bed fellow.

You want to know how Coach Grantham celebrates keeping "Bullys" out of the end zone? He referees a two hand touch parking lot game with the coaches' kids...while balancing a Bud Light...and a blackberry.


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